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42 Dugg Faces 5-Year Sentence After Gun Range Guilty Plea

It looks like the Detroit-bred rapper 42 Dugg could potentially be looking at a lengthy prison sentence.

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The Detroit News reports that 42 Dugg, whose government name is Dion Hayes, has officially pleaded guilty after failing to surrender and serve a six-month prison sentence last year for illegally possessing a firearm.

42 Dugg Facing Anywhere Between 6 Months & 5 Years Behind Bars

While prosecutors have agreed to recommend a six-month sentence for the rapper, the presiding judge—William Ray II—can potentially overrule the recommendation and hit Hayes with up to 5 years in prison.

Additionally, upon his eventual release, 42 Dugg agreed to attend a 30-day inpatient drug treatment program. This will be followed with a 30-day outpatient program.

Sentencing is set to go down on May 10, and there are no further updates at this time.

42 Dugg Fell Into Trouble After The ATF Received A Tip-Off

According to The Detroit News, these legal issues date back November 2019, as the Bureau or Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) received a tip that Dugg—who had previously served time over carjacking and firearms possession charges—had fired a weapon at an Atlanta gun range.

This accusation was confirmed via video surveillance footage, and the rap star was ultimately arrested and charged with felony firearms possession in March 2020.

He was later sentenced to three years of probation. However, after he was repeatedly caught violating the terms of his probation, he was ordered to surrender to a federal prison camp to serve 6 months.

Ultimately, his failure to comply with this order landed him into more trouble, though the exact ramifications won’t be clear until he’s sentenced later this year.

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