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60 Minutes You’ll Never Forget

We took a trip to Sheffield to take part in The Container horror experience where you will be victims in a 60-minute psychological experience based on true-crime stories.

The Container Horror Experience

Fed up of the run of the mill jump scare mazes where clowns and the undead jump at you for cheap thrills the guys behind The Container wanted to take it a step further and push psychological boundaries within the confines of a shipping container.

Fascinated with serial killers owner of The Container Darren Moon went onto read many books on the subject and many documentaries. It was then the idea came to fruition of a horror experience that would be unlike most you could experience in the UK where boundaries are pushed safely.

True crime and horror combine to deliver 60 minutes you’ll never forget.

Container Sheffield

The Container is NOT for the faint hearted. I’m going to say that first and foremost and whilst we cannot spoil much of what happens inside I will say that the grand reveal at the end is very eye-opening.

You suddenly realise everything you’ve gone through and feel very educated on what you’ve just witnessed but at the same time sad that not everyone in this world managed to get out with their lives, like you did.

Before entering the container you are collected from your car and provided with a lanyard with your safe word on. If the experience gets too much then you simply say your safe word and you are removed from the container. Trust me, I will say this again, if you are of a nervous disposition or have anxiety then this experience is NOT for you.

Scare Experience The Container


About as intense of a horror experience as I have had in the UK to date and whilst it wasn’t aggressive or particular scary for me (I’m quite sick in the head) I found it very uncomfortable but was actually wanting the experience to go further in certain areas.

With a group of three of us we were tied, gagged and hooded before meeting our killer and having them paint their backstory for us whilst we sat there. Having the serial killer paint a backstory paves its way for a part 2 of the experience.

The first version of the show is only the beginning with a sequel show to come into play but with how our first one ended I’m unsure of how it’ll tie into the original experience but I’m excited to find out.

The Container Scary

Whilst I wasn’t particular scared I was more impressed at how the experience made me feel. I knew it wasn’t real yet my brain wanted me to escape, it wanted me to free myself from the situation and it was uncomfortable from start to finish.

I’ve never been more uncomfortable in my life but at the same time there was a slight niggle that needed to be finely tuned.

Two actors are with you inside the shipping container and whilst you are brought forward for your one on one time with the killer the other two are just sitting there. Now if you are sitting there whilst your friend was screaming or crying out and there’s nothing you can do about it is one thing, but it went on a little too long without any interaction with the two left behind.

Sean Evans The Container

I’d have loved for the second actor to split us up (to avoid any conversation) and taken us away somewhere… maybe lock us in a box or under a crawl space or just put us in a more uncomfortable isolated situation so there’s no comfort of just sitting there waiting with a friend.

This happened on more than one occasion so I felt like that area just needed to be tightened up a little bit but I’m really grasping at straws here. The experience was awesome!

Immersed in the experience I loved every second but there’s also a weird sense of reflection as you think about the people who these things have happened to in real life. That’s a scary thought!

Sean and Lauren inside the Container

Psychological horror was on full display within The Container as there were numerous times where things were said and done that made you feel as though something more sinister was going to happen. This was utilised with a mix of audio, physical and suggestion where you felt as though you were going to come to harm without anything physically happening.

McKamey Manor has been the attraction they’ve been linked close with to the point where even on the FAQ of the website they’ve answered the question ‘Is This Like McKamey Manor?’ with the answer being a firm no.

It’s certainly the UK’s answer to McKamey Manor but The Container will never hurt you for fun, it’s a mental and mildly physical experience that messes with your head more than anything else and you’re perfectly safe from start to finish (if albeit a little messy).

Horror Experience Sheffield

Like I said above, I’m a little twisted in the head and I wanted them to push things a little bit more. Zip me up in a body bag and stretcher me into a van. Lock me in a morgue freezer, have me inside a coffin and add more suggestive things to make me think my days are numbered.

There’s a large variety of things the organisers can do to link to true crimes that could really step up the experience for Chapter 2.

I’m certainly brave (or stupid) enough to participate in something like that but Chapter 1 will be MORE than enough for most people, there’s no doubt about that!


Thanks to Darren and the team for allowing us to use some highlights of GoPro footage in our vlog. I also love the images from the experience as they genuinely look terrifying and for two lads who had a big smile on their face through large portions of this they still managed to capture some moments of genuine fear.

For me to experience that now after the hundreds of experiences we’ve done, well that’s rare and a testament as to just how good and uncomfortable The Container is.

Do you dare to experience The Container?

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