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A 2023 Horror Con To Remember

Cosplay, traders, celebrity guest signings and more we bring you our HorrorCon UK review right here on Back to the Movies as this weekends horror events draw to a conclusion.

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HorrorConUK is the UK’s longest running horror fan convention with Special Guests Q & A Panels, Meet & Greets, international short horror film festival, ‘The Black Market’ trading hall, exhibits and more!

This years line-up consisted of a superb Hellraiser line-up including Simon Banford, Nicholas Vince, Doug Bradley and Barbie Wilde. To support that already stellar line-up was Heather Lagenkamp from Nightmare on Elm Street, Jonathan Breck from Jeepers Creepers and Richard Brake from 3 From Hell.

Eileen Dietz was advertised to be attending but I didn’t see her whenever I walked past and Kane Hodder unfortunately pulled out due to ill health (get well soon Kane).

My Bloody Valentine Cosplay

The ticketing system was done brilliantly as lines were created and you could pay by card to get a ticket to go up and get your autograph or photo taken. There was also a separate pay system for professional photos and it just worked.

There wasn’t all this book in advance nonsense that you get at other events (here’s looking at you FTLOH) and then everyone sells out leaving your day a little underwhelming. You could rock up, slots were timed perfectly so no line was ever too crazy and guests really spent some time with the public.

Nicholas Vince HorrorCon

I had to go and say hello to Nicholas Vince, it’s been years since we’ve seen one another and the second he saw me he sprung up and gave me the biggest hug you could imagine. I’m not the most sociable person in the world, I get quite nervous and insecure sometimes but this was nice although my conversation went out the window when this happened.

I wasn’t expecting it at all! Such a lovely man and we got the Horror Museum an autograph to hang up somewhere when we open after Nicholas was our first museum interview (you can watch that HERE).

The cosplayers were out in full force with some superb costumes on display with an LED Predator and a woman just walking around with her face all destroyed and hanging off. Yup, that one will stay in my mind for a very long time. Very detailed, gory and creepy! 


HorrorCon delivered in the stall department and easily shot to the top of my favourite UK horror stall convention. From oddities to prop builders and the macabre there was less reliance on T-Shirt and licensed merchandise stalls and more on independent traders selling unique art from custom made materials to vintage horror movie posters.

The fact that this convention prided itself on a diverse range of merchandise for consumers shows the extra effort and care gone into planning this event. It was a really nice touch and it certainly didn’t go unnoticed. 

With me catching a flight in a few hours (after typing this article) I wanted to keep my pennies but the amount of cards I’ve taken off stalls to buy stuff in the future is insane. One company in particular was a gin company, they were giving out samples and it was the smoothest gin I’ve ever had it was really delicious. No afterburn and no bad taste after just a slow subtle rhubarb flavour that rounded the drink off quite wonderfully. Thanks for the free shots guys (yes I had more than one) please go and check out

Rubber Gorilla Masks HorrorCon

HorrorCon delivered in every department and the atmosphere of the building alone contributed to the overall feel of the event. The merchandise was varied and the guests were well known and iconic.

If I had one slight negative it was that I wish there were more guests! It was such a great line-up that I was feeling greedy and wanted even more. The auditorium for the talks was superb but another negative was that the microphone audio for the interview and guest didn’t even reach the back of the room (it wasn’t that big). Anyone sitting near the back couldn’t hear a thing.

Those two things aside HorrorCon UK impressed me, REALLY impressed me and I’d go back again in a heartbeat! 

Check out our little video of the event here:


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HorrorCon UK Review by Sean Evans

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