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A Classy Night at the Cinema

I paid for my first-ever trip to Coventry before our flight to Abu Dhabi last week and we stopped into check out a film at a cinema I’ve not visited before, here’s my Showcase De Lux review.

Showcase De Luxe

With my ticket stub in hand for Babylon I was just as excited to see the interior of the cinema screen as I was the film. I’ve heard great things about the comfy seats, the size of the theatres and the quality of the screens so as giddy as a child on Christmas Eve I walked in for the first time and was not disappointed.

This particular Showcase De Lux based in Coventry consists of 14 fully air-conditioned cinemas along with a Real D 3D screen and their XPlus addition which consists of a supersized screen along with Dolby Atmos surround sound. The prices for 2D and 3D films in Showcase De Lux are the same price.

As standard in every Showcase De Lux screen are recliner chairs that are fully customisable as opposed to the standard up and down recliners that you get in Vue cinemas Showcase has a 4 control option to fully adjust every aspect of your seating position.

If you want the back of your seat reclined all the way back then go for it, if you want the angle of your entire seat changed then change it and then there’s the option to adjust the leg height to your requirements and as far as comfort goes, it wipes the Vue recliners out of the water. 

Showcase Cinema De Luxe

Just Showing off my Yeezys really

Babylon’s runtime came in at just over three hours and despite some talking idiots in the cinema from start to finish (a gripe that makes me want a home cinema week in and week out), I was still very comfortable all the same.

The picture quality was wonderful and the sound was equally as impressive resulting in a very intimate and wonderful cinema experience. The smaller screens meant fewer people and it just felt a lot more cosy compared to the bigger chains.

I could put my feet up and relax but one thing I forgot to pick up was a nice box of nachos so I could compare them against the big boys in our best cinema nachos review.

Showcase De Lux is certainly a step up from Cineworld and standard Odeon viewing experiences. Vue hands down win on ticket price you just have to sacrifice a little less customisation in your recliner but as far as a cinema chain goes, it’s certainly an interesting one!

Only Odeon Luxe eludes me in terms of cinema viewing experience and I can’t wait to check it out one day whenever that opportunity arrives.


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