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A DC Film With A Marvel Heart

Thanks to IMAX for providing us with free tickets to go and watch Blue Beetle this week so we can bring you our honest thoughts on this new DC movie within this Blue Beetle IMAX review.

Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes suddenly finds himself in possession of an ancient relic of alien biotechnology called the Scarab.

When the Scarab chooses Jaime to be its symbiotic host, he’s bestowed with an incredible suit of armor that’s capable of extraordinary and unpredictable powers, forever changing his destiny as he becomes the superhero Blue Beetle.

It’s been a painful time for DC fans with trash movie after trash movie being churned out as fans eagerly look forward to Marvel legend James Gunn turning the DC slate around.

Low quality movies, underperforming box office figures and copy and paste franchise fatigue is common between both Marvel and DC movies but still Marvel have that gravitas and box office power whereas DC movies seem to be face first in the rubble.

Blue Beetle has come along as a relatively unknown superhero (to non diehard fans) and whilst it’s too late to save the aforementioned terrible slate releases I actually really enjoyed it for one reason alone, it’s a DC film with a Marvel heart.

Blue Beetle Poster

Having a superhero film focused around not only that done and dusted story of a man discovering he now has superpowers we have this extra dynamic of family. A Mexican family to be exact who are living in Palmera city in poverty whilst a corporation (headed by Susan Sarandon) is making roads towards destroying their community whilst developing a cyborg system that will turn humans into super soldiers. 

Upon the discovery of a Blue Beetle college student Jaime Reyes harnesses the power of this ancient space-age tech and thus begins his quest to not only save his family but potentially, the world.

Whilst absolutely packed full of script skip-overs and lazy writing (such as a hilarious scene where Jaime’s uncle can suddenly fly a spacecraft with no prior experience) Blue Beetle delivers with substance and heart.

Blue Beetle Poster UK

Family focused on traditional Mexican values it feels as though this could be a live-action remake of Coco with the addition of a few superheroes. It has the same heart and undertones that endeared me to that beautiful movie and the same was shown here.

There were winks and nods to Marvel movies also such as when Iron Man first learns to fly in his suit, Jaime has similar scenes that are reminiscent of that and even his suit that can transform his arms into various weapons at one point turns into Thor’s Hammer (or a close representation of it). There are also Black Panther references and even Venom.

Jaime’s closest reference to anything even remotely DC lies in a Gotham Law hoodie he wears in one scene with his father along with a Batman and Superman reference later on in the film. That’s about it.


There’s a Marvel heart beating within Blue Beetle that just cannot be ignored even down to the intro credits scene with 80s inspired writing as though plucked out of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It’s hitting on various spark points in my brain that make me feel like it’s a Marvel film but it’s not.

Comedy and good lighting are not two words you ever associate with a DC but here we are as the family dynamic is hilarious and it never really takes itself too seriously.

Blue Beetle feels like the movie that was released too little too late as I throughly enjoyed it. For those who have gone into a DC film and dropped their guard entirely, fed up of what has come before, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Having Jaime’s family clued up on his superhero identity adds a togetherness. It’s not a Lone Ranger storyline it’s a story of family problems, family dynamic and the love and traditional values that they share. It’s rather beautiful.

Family over explosions is the way forward as I was well and truly invested in the story (despite the odd cliche’) and it’s a film that definitely deserves your attention.

Blue Beetle in IMAX

IMAX Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle was filmed with ARRI LF IMAX-certified cameras. This film was made to be experienced in IMAX, with 70 minutes of IMAX exclusive expanded aspect ratio – featuring up to 26% more picture in select sequences throughout the film.

Exclusively in IMAX cinemas, select sequences of Blue Beetle will fill the entire screen as intended by director Angel Manuel Soto, allowing moviegoers to experience more of the images with unprecedented detail and clarity. Combined with next generation IMAX precision sound, audiences are in for a truly spectacular and immersive experience.

Blue Beetle has been digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology, coupling crystal-clear images with IMAX’s customized cinema geometry and powerful digital audio, making it the ultimate moviegoing experience.

Blue Beetle Logo

Blue Beetle was made to be experienced in IMAX. Filmed for IMAX with IMAX-certified digital cameras, audiences who watch Blue Beetle in IMAX will find themselves totally immersed in IMAX-exclusive 1.90:1 aspect ratio, which provides up to 26% more picture, in select sequences throughout the film. Sections with expanded images were creatively chosen by the director to increase the visual impact and immersion for those sequences.

In addition to more picture, Blue Beetle has been digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology, coupling crystal-clear images with IMAX’s customized cinema geometry and powerful digital audio, making it the ultimate moviegoing experience.

In select sequences, Blue Beetle will be up to 26% bigger, only in IMAX cinemas. This is due to director Angel Manuel Soto’s use of IMAX-certified cameras and composing and creating images for IMAX’s 1.90:1 Expanded Aspect Ratio throughout the film.

I want to express a huge thanks to IMAX for allowing us to go down and see Blue Beetle on the big screen. If you’re ever wondering which cinema experience I prefer between IMAX and 4DX I’ve written an article sharing both positives and negatives of each immersive cinema experience.

You can find that article HERE

Blue Beetle review by Sean Evans

Our Rating


It may be too little too late to save a dying franchise of superhero movies but Blue Beetle gives me hope that there are some tales left to tell with heart, passion and good family values without the bog standard copy and paste superhero trope.

A very good movie that sadly came a little late to the party.

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