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A Funny Flick Aching To Stretch Its Legs

A story about the world of casting auditions and finding friends in the weirdest of places we bring you our Two’s A Crowd review.

Twos a Crowd

Two struggling, diametrically opposed actors’ find their fates collide in one calamitous audition. They’re paired together as a double act – there’s only one problem – they hate each other. Two struggling, diametrically opposed actors’ find their fates collide in one calamitous audition.

Two’s A Crowd’s short runtime certainly packs a punch as we dive straight into the comedy life of two actors whose paths cross one day during a London casting audition.

The awkward casting audition and these two diverse characters are a joy to witness. Andy Burse plays Henry who is so laid back that he is nearly horizontal. He’s not fussed about getting a part, or stressing about technique or how he comes across. He’s doing something he likes but he’s not fussed about the outcome, the polar opposite of Angus Castle-Doughty’s character Finlay.

Finlay is acting school taught and the product of a prestigious academy, he’s by the book without a page overturned. He’s methodical and trains before his auditions and takes his craft very seriously and gets in his own head where expectations are high, perfection is paramount and execution and delivery are key.

Two's a Crowd Movie

The two characters collide with hilarious consequences and instantly an unlikely disjointed friendship is formed in the lion’s den of a casting audition. 

Two’s A Crowd showcases the harsh realities of casting auditions and expands on their usual craziness and abstract way of sourcing talent for their productions. The film is shot wonderfully and from a rundown street in London to a bleak and dark casting room all the focus is on our two leads and how they carry themselves through this audition process.

Andy and Finlay are good friends in real life and one day the idea struck them to do this film about their friendship done differently. What if they didn’t like each other the moment they first met? What if they were polar opposites who had to join forces for the greater good with the golden crown being that casting place for a comedy double act.

It’s fun viewing from start to finish although it doesn’t half hit home to the point where I’d like to stay as far away from a casting audition as humanly possible.

These unrealistic expectations of producers and directors as their vision compromises not only their common sense but their judgement. So clouded by a focus that they seek out this perfect unattainable person for a role they have conjured in their minds.

Two's A Crowd

Two’s A Crowd showcases this peer pressure, this burden and this mountain to climb for these two actors absolutely perfectly. The struggle is highlighted to great effect and it’s delivered in such a light-hearted way.

Featuring a strong supporting cast featuring Hugo Speer, Shaparak Khorsandi and a little vocal cameo from the one and only Pam Ferris this film doesn’t rely on these names and the spotlight (much like in the casting audition) focuses on our two leads.

The second the stress builds for our characters it’s blown away with a one-liner or a very hilarious warm-up technique courtesy of Angus Castle-Doughty. It’s a film that is very difficult to keep a straight face watching. Quick-witted dialogue and a nice choppy edit make this film fun, frantic and dying to be extended into something with more longevity.

It’s a film crying out for a series, where do the actors go from here? What is their first day on set like? How do they grow together as a comedy duo?

All these questions and more lie in my head unanswered and I’m here crossing my fingers for a sitcom commission announcement coming very very soon!

Take a look at my interview below with lead star Angus Castle-Doughty as we discuss the movie, comedy duo acts in general and more in this fun little chat!


Two’s A Crowd review by Sean Evans

Our Rating


There’s no denying how charming and funny Two’s A Crowd is but it’s a funny flick aching to stretch its legs into becoming a TV sitcom or similar. We’ve been given a taster of what’s to come, it’s now up to the powers that be to turn this thing into the show that it deserves to become.

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