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A Game You MUST Play!

We were invited down to the Saw Escape Experience in London as we stepped foot inside the movies and attempted one of Jigsaw’s games. Here is our Saw Escape Experience London review.

Saw Escape Experience London

The Saw Escape Experience in London is an intense, thrilling and immersive experience that will test your limits and push you to your very edge. The second you step forth into the experience you have your photo op and grab your coloured jacket. From here on out you’re inside the story and from start, to finish you completely forget that you’re in an escape room.

Saw Escape London

Batched into groups you are given coloured high-vis jackets as you become property investors who have invested in these high-rise apartments located at One America Square in London.

The Saw Escape Experience is based within this beautiful high-rise building and I can only imagine just how much it costs to keep this attraction running in a busy, vibrant and popular area of London and a stone’s throw away from Tower Bridge.

Saw Experience Set

From the moment you step inside the attraction, you will be transported to the twisted and macabre world of the Saw franchise, where danger lurks around every corner and survival is far from guaranteed. With absolutely no spoilers within this article, I can only hint at what’s to come.

Expect a variety of scenes from iconic Saw moments, actors who draw you in and involve you in an introductory group puzzle and a big group puzzle finale and then you split off into groups and do your choice of route within the Saw Escape Experience.

Saw Experience Prop

The Spiral route is the more physical of the two with a particular puzzle needing participants to crawl within a confined space, the Spiral route includes the infamous Saw bathroom scene and the crawl through space. This route had a nice variety of puzzles but it wasn’t always clear what you had to do, but don’t worry, more on that later. Funnily enough the Spiral route has absolutely nothing to do in any way shape or form to the Spiral movie spin-off starring Chris Rock.

The Jigsaw route consists of an electrical room, a furnace sacrifice and the iconic freezer room. I feel as though they added the furnace sacrifice as a little something to make up for the fact that this route doesn’t feature the most iconic scene in the entire franchise. This route certainly felt more interactive and complex when it comes to the puzzles.

Saw Bathroom Escape London

In both routes, there is a digital display on the wall that looks like an intercom where you can ask for help if needed. If the games master thinks you’re going a little slow they’ll give you a heads-up on the digital display of things to look out for. 

I have to be honest, I was too busy admiring the movie-set detail to even think about doing the puzzles properly. It was absolutely stunning, I was blown away by both routes and their near-perfect detailing.

Saw Escape Experience London

Lionsgate themselves officially approved this attraction and it had to meet their high standards and specifications, it’s safe to say that Saw Escape Experience London is THE most detailed Saw escape room in the country and it just won’t be topped.

Saw Escape Experience has a whole production team behind the scenes that manage the traps, keep you entertained throughout, control the effects and the lighting and it feels as though you’re an actor on set as these guys puppeteer and orchestrate your terrifying and immersive experience behind the scenes. The props, lighting, and sound effects are all expertly crafted to create a sense of unease and tension that never lets up.

Saw Escape Freezer Room

The grand finale is nothing short of breathtaking and there’s complete immersion and a life at stake. Your decisions and your actions determine the outcome and there’s a real pressure to get this done. I was so blown away that I actually got emotional.

I’ve grown up with the Saw franchise, I own props from the movie and it’s a franchise that will hold many a dear memory for me after meeting the cast and interviewing the one and only Tobin Bell (who has done custom voiceover for this attraction). 

Saw Experience London

With Tobin’s voice lending its familiar dark and ominous tones to proceedings you need to work as a team to escape the trap that has been laid out before you. Live or die, make your choice.

The attention to detail in the Saw Escape Experience is truly impressive, with every inch of the attraction designed to evoke the feeling of being trapped in Jigsaw’s twisted game. The props, lighting, and sound effects are all expertly crafted to create a sense of unease and tension that never lets up.

Saw Escape Room

But it’s not just the atmosphere that makes the Saw Escape Experience so memorable. The puzzles and challenges you’ll encounter are genuinely difficult and require quick thinking, problem-solving skills, and a healthy dose of courage to overcome. From solving riddles to dodging traps, every moment of the experience is a heart-pumping adrenaline rush.

One thing that sets the Saw Escape Experience apart from other immersive attractions is the level of interactivity. You are inside a Saw movie customised just for you and your mind is fully focused on the task at hand.

Saw Trap at the Saw Escape Experience

Sadly on our run-through, we couldn’t escape the Jigsaw game but I largely put that down to me daydreaming at the beautiful sets. 

Once your game is completed you head out into the Taproom bar where you can choose between two Saw-themed cocktails or a range of other drinks.

Saw Escape Room Puzzle

The two cocktails in question have been custom-made for the experience and one is served in a blood bag (fruity and rather wonderful) or a syringe (tangy and very apple sour reminiscent) 

Merchandise can be purchased at a reasonable price unless you want a movie-themed mask (the licensed ones are not great quality if I’m honest) but it is here where you can go to the photo point and check out some of your green screen photos from earlier. They’re a little pricey but it’s certainly worth it as a keepsake for this unique and rather wonderful experience.

The Taproom Bar Saw Experience

Overall, the Saw Escape Experience in London is an incredibly well-crafted, immersive and intense experience that will test your courage, problem-solving skills, and ability to think on your feet. It’s a must-visit for horror fans and anyone who loves an adrenaline-pumping challenge. Just be prepared to face your fears head-on!

What I would say about the experience is whilst it certainly feels like the finished product (something they tweaked after Christmas ready for this reopening) I only wish there were more rooms. There are so many iconic Saw moments that I would have loved to have seen the needle pit, cube trap, Jigsaw’s sick room and maybe even the carousel shotgun trap (for group participation) included in the room.

Taproom Bar Themeing Saw Experience

It was that good I was hoping and praying we could stay in there longer. The whole experience lasts around 70 minutes and it was so good that we’re going back and paying full price even after getting lots of extra cocktails to say thank you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Saw Escape Experience London review! Saw Escape Experience invited us down to play the Spiral game which you can see in a VLOG below before we were given access to look around the Jigsaw route. Enjoy the video below!


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