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Add a Perk to Your Step

Thanks to Energybytes for sending me a free product to bring you this review today, as always we provide an honest assessment of any product we receive and this will be reflected in the following review.


These little gummies pack 40mg of caffeine in one bite giving you an instant caffeine hit that delivers five times faster into your body than a standard drink.

Energybytes were created for those who don’t like energy drinks or caffeinated beverages, these vitamin-rich gummies have a natural berry flavour that tastes rather wonderful and that caffeine hit is delivered in around 10 minutes.

With me constantly travelling nowadays I always need a quick pick me up and for some reason, neither energy drinks nor coffee have ever really worked for me. If I keep drinking energy drinks I get palpitations and the same goes for coffee. It’s the exact reason why we did a review of Sneak Energy a few months ago as their product didn’t give me those palpitations and Energybytes don’t have that effect on me either.

What I did notice with Energybytes though however was that one gummie just wasn’t enough for me (one gummie is the equivalent of one espresso) so I had to take two to really feel that hit of caffeine to perk me up.

Energybytes Product

The instant flavour was rather lovely but a few moments after swallowing there was a bit of an aftertaste which wasn’t terrible but it certainly wasn’t nice either, it just lingered a little bit too long whilst the initial flavour was rather welcoming and juicy.

Vitaman A, D, B3, B6 and B12 are all contained in these Energybytes and the product is vegan-friendly.

Vitamin B6, B12 and Niacin (B3) all support normal energy release into the body and are proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue and one gummie equates to 16 calories only.

The product is priced (at the time of writing this review) at £9.99 for 15 gummies in a box or £19.99 for 30 gummies in a bottle which is a tad expensive for gummies but keep in mind that an espresso costs between £2.95 and £3.50 and you get exactly the same hit inside a gummie which averages to around 0.71p per gummie.

For me, the branding of the box/bottle could be improved slightly with the Energy Bytes purple logo blending in too easily with the pink background of the box/bottle. If the product was on a shelf it would blend in with all the rest whereas a bolder and punchier title with a bolder colour would stand out a mile. Even the lightning effects on the box could be changed to a more stand-out colour or design or even make them 3D to really make the packaging and a more vibrant logo pop.

I think if the aftertaste was dampened somewhat along with a slight packaging redesign then they’d certainly be onto a winner, a great idea that is executed efficiently and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

A huge thanks to Energybytes for sending me their product to review. 

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