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All or Nothing Arsenal Review: A Season Too Early

The first episode is now live on Amazon Prime as we bring you our All or Nothing Arsenal review.

Arsenal All or Nothing Review

It’s the start of a pivotal season for Arsenal Football Club and pressure is mounting on manager Mikel Arteta, to get the club back into the top 4 in the Premier League. Despite a string of new signings over the summer, the team suffer three defeats in a row, leaving them bottom of the table. Expectations are then high as the squad face Norwich City at the Emirates.

59 seconds in All or Nothing Arsenal our narrator (Daniel Kaluuya) claims Arsenal to be one of the ‘biggest football clubs in the world’ so instantly I’m already doubting the legitimacy of what I’m about to witness as clearly we’re still living in the past here.

We all know how Arsenal started the season as newly promoted Brentford not only beat Arsenal in their opening game of the season but out-muscled and out-played them. I can only imagine Spurs and Chelsea fans enjoying this first episode at this particular stage with further losses to Chelsea and an absolute hammering at Man City soon followed.

All or Nothing Arsenal came as a surprise to many given that the season in which this documentary was shot wasn’t a great season for the club, it was a nothing season for Arsenal.

In a synopsis that describes the ups and downs of Arsenal’s season, I’m scratching my brain as to what ‘ups’ the club experienced during the season and as the documentary draws to a conclusion I haven’t witnessed anything even remotely positive about what happened on the pitch.

Watching Tottenham’s All or Nothing was a similar story, a poor season from a club that struggles to hit the heights that the fans expect. Tottenham’s documentary had the ever charismatic Jose Mourinho to keep non-Spurs fans happy but sadly Mikel Arteta is about as one-dimensional in the personality department (on camera at least) as you can get. There was no investment or entertainment there from this angle and the documentary has to find strengths in other areas.

For Arsenal fans watching this documentary it will certainly feel as though it’s highlighting a darker and more sour-tasting time in Arsenal’s history, but there are positives.


A young, talented squad that is building towards something. As anyone who has watched Arsenal’s pre-season so far ahead of the 22/23 season, this documentary feels like it was recorded a season too early.

With the signing of Gabriel Jesus who is absolutely romping goals home during pre-season since arriving from Man City and with the young lads gelling together well, it’s a shame the documentary didn’t cover this upcoming season as something special looks to be brewing at the club.

This particular All or Nothing documentary feels like it’s showcasing the conclusion of the darker days and paving the way for a more promising trophy-filled future.

We all know how Arsenal’s season ended up as they finished 5th, which is an improvement on their 8th placed 20/21 season finish during the pandemic. Arsenal slipped up in 2 of their last 3 games so the season finished as disappointing as it started but this insider look at the club will certainly be an interesting watch to Arsenal fans.

Sadly with no real draw for anyone other than Arsenal fans this documentary will surely perform below that of the previous two clubs All or Nothing shows before it.

If there’s one saving grace of this series we know that it slowly gets better for the club. We know that Arsenal managed to slowly turn things around so going from a negative mentality to a more positive uplifting one is just enough for me to want to tune in to the next few eps.

A good insightful look behind the scenes if you’re an Arsenal fan. For everyone else, well, it’s a documentary made a season too early. 

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Our Rating


A great watch for Arsenal fans who want to take a glimpse at their team behind the scenes but it just feels like a documentary shot a season too early. Certainly more negatives than positives to take from a neutral viewer and I can only imagine Spurs, West Ham and Chelsea fans absolutely loving this documentary if only to see their London rivals faltering.

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