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All You Need to Know!

Many moons ago we wrote about how to cuddle in a movie theatre and it did phenomenally! Now fast forward a bit and we tell you how to step things up even further but be warned, if you get caught, we accept none of the blame here! So here are just a few tips on how to get lucky in a movie theatre!

Cinema Watching

A trip to the movie theatre can be more than just a chance to catch the latest blockbuster; it can also be an opportunity to share a romantic experience with your significant other.

While it’s important to be considerate of other patrons there are numerous ways to take your relationship to the next level in the heart of the movie theatre and add a touch of risky romance to proceedings with your partner.

Let’s start off with a more PG-13 guide on how to be romantic in a movie theatre and get away with it:

The Right Movie is Important

AVOID kids movies and dramas. This is for obvious reasons and dramas have far too many lulls and silences that you’ll be caught out in seconds. 

I’d also steer clear of romantic movies. A good action movie or a film with lots of loud bangs, explosions, gunfire and more and you’re absolutely onto a winner in terms of on-screen audio masking your dirty deeds.

Timing Is Everything

Greatest American Pie Moments

Timing is key when it comes to these things, you do not want to be in a sold out screening with people next to you.

Choose an off-peak time when the cinema is less crowded such as weekdays in the day (when the kids are at school) or matinees which are always quieter.

As far as positioning goes you want to make sure you’re tucked up on the back row somewhere preferably away from any aisles so you can have that privacy JUST incase.

A corner seat or one with a barrier on one side can create a cozy space for just the two of you will also be acceptable.

Blankets are your Friend


Get yourselves down to the cinema on a nice cool winters evening and share a blanket with your significant other.

Some cinemas even have blanket and duvet days especially for winter months so keep an eye on these days.

Subtle physical contact can enhance the romantic atmosphere without drawing too much attention.

What happens under the blanket stays under the blanket.

Movie Inspiration

Petey Trumpet American Pie

Think of the end scene for American Pie Reunion as a little wink and nod as to how you can achieve such things in the cinema and whilst it’s not full-on you at least get to explore some options in a variety of ways.

American Pie has shaped me into the human I am today, am I proud of that? Absolutely not! But I’ve had some good memories along the way!

Pick Your Cinema Wisely

Sean Evans Going to the Cinema Alone

If you’re serious about getting the deed done then you need to research the right cinema correctly so that you can complete your mission.

Some cinema seats are so awkward and close to one another that the logistics of such a deed become impossible.

Do your research and if you look into it too much you’ll even find certain cinemas / attractions that accommodate such a deed (I’m not even joking)

Best of luck in your quest and like I said in the beginning, we hold absolutely no responsibility to the consequences of your actions. We’re merely here to provide advice!

Want to dial it down a bit and go for just a cuddle instead? Check out our How to Cuddle in a Movie Theatre article instead.


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