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Alton Towers Nemesis ‘Closure’ Officially Announced

An Alton Towers Nemesis closure has been announced as the roller coaster will be revamped in 2023 ready for the 2024 season.

Nemesis Closed

Alton Towers have said that on November 6th the Nemesis roller coaster will cease operation as it undergoes an exciting revamp (including a retrack) before returning in 2024.

Visitors to the theme park will have just a few more weeks to enjoy its corkscrews and loops before it starts its transformation this winter.

Posters have appeared around Alton Towers announcing the closure.

Kate McBirnie, Head of Product Excellence at Alton Towers Resort, said:

Nemesis is Europe’s first ever inverted rollercoaster, which has been exciting thrillseekers since 1994. 

The legendary rollercoaster is loved by thrillseekers across the UK and beyond, and we want to give fans of the ride the opportunity to experience Nemesis in its current form before it closes on November 6.

Nemesis cost £10m and was crowned Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster when it opened in 1994. Riders experience 3.5 G-force as they race past the rocks and rivers of the theme park’s Forbidden Valley at speeds of up to 50mph.

It carries dangling thrill seekers along numerous twists, turns with four inversions, and has attracted people from across the globe to the Staffordshire theme park.

The story of Nemesis revolves around the ride coming from another dimension. A strange being that lived underground at Alton Towers resort was disturbed by workmen during routine maintenance.

The monster that lay dormant was unleashed, wreaking havoc on the surrounding area. The Phalanx (an elite organisation of experts recruited from government and scientific institutions) immediately launched their extreme security division to pin down the creature and disable it.

It took 250 tonnes of steel, bent and twisted around the monster, and 200 men to hold it down. We converted the steel that imprisons the creature into the tangled rollercoaster you see here today.

When you ride Nemesis, remember its history. This is the Legend. But don’t try to understand it – don’t try to come to terms with it. Don’t even try to think about it.

Just sit back: it’s fright time.

We’ve known about the retrack for quite some time now, a year to be exact when we posted this very video, so now that it’s official we can breathe a sigh of relief that Nemesis will not be gone forever.

After riding the Nemesis rollercoaster all day at Alton Towers I certainly have a soft spot for it as do many who frequently visit the resort. Easily the best coaster in the park by a long country mile and the commitment Alton Towers have to preserving this wonderful ride for another 30 years is incredible to see.

To keep up to date with the latest news and buy tickets to ride Nemesis before 6 November, visit

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