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Alton Towers Oktoberfest 2023 Review: A Much Improved Event!

Whilst Oktoberfest is a strong addition to the Alton Towers events calendar it dropped off just slightly last year but rest assured it’s back and even better than it has been previously! Here’s our Alton Towers Oktoberfest 2023 review.


An area of the 500-acre Theme Park will be transformed into a Bavarian-themed destination, complete with Lederhosen-clad hosts, lots of oomptastic live entertainment, delicious German themed food and brand-new for 2023, the Resort has teamed up with Rural Brewing Co, a local brewery to create an exclusive Alton Beer that I was oh so happy to sample.

Oktoberfest is scattered across the main lawn and over in the Mutiny Bay square area known for this event as the ‘Bierkeller’ and instantly there are some big differences.

The front lawn has all of the new additions for 2023 as there are more food stalls, another bar and even a brand new seating area including undercover areas and even umbrellas aplenty.

Having gone from zero umbrellas throughout the entire of last years event to having them AND enclosed areas is a fantastic addition that should have really been in place from day one.

Oktoberfest Summer

British weather is rarely all sunshines and rainbows but every Oktoberfest opening date we’ve attended has been glorious and today has been no different, give it a week and that will be a different story.

These enclosed areas come in handy for shelter and there is also outdoor seating (with cushions might I add) where people can soak up the sunshine and enjoy the entertainment on the stage.

As far as entertainment goes there’s rarely German themed bands or acts on the stage other than the ever-incredible accordion player who was down in the Bierkeller and the atmosphere in there was insane.

Singing German songs, dancing and even characters were in that area soaking up the atmosphere as whilst the lawn was much improved the stage is difficult to really get a good atmosphere going and 99% of people are too miserable or shy to get involved.

Alton Towers Oktoberfest

Get folks in an enclosed area with an accordion who can hold the crowd in the palm of his hand and you’re in for a treat.

Food was priced between £7.50-£10 and the Bratwurst I had was nothing short of incredible.

I went to another stall and got a platter sampling three items but only the pork meatballs stood out for me.

I’d have happily gone for more but spending nearly £20 and still not being full yet I decided to put my wallet before my belly.

The new Alton Towers lager is rather nice but being a cider drinker myself I can never tell the difference between expensive lager and standard lager. I really just can’t tell the difference so I’d easily compare it to a Fosters or similar but I’m sure someone more experienced in that area may say otherwise.

Alton Towers Oktoberfest Event

Other than the stage entertainment playing pop tunes, dance songs and just about everything non Oktoberfest related (Blink 182 are incredible but they’re not German!) then this years event is much improved.

There’s more variety, there’s more atmosphere and it’s just a joyous event.

Funnily enough there has been next to no marketing for this event yet it’s easily one of the best versions of Oktoberfest the park has done to date.

Moral of the story is, save money on marketing and just spend it on a better event!


Oktoberfest is taking place from Saturday 9th September until Sunday 1st October, to find more and to book tickets, visit: Oktoberfest at Alton Towers Resort

Guests can also enjoy the fun and thrills of Oktoberfest with exclusive, online, mid-week deals including the Parent and Toddler pass for just £29 (one adult and one toddler under 5), and students can get discounted entry with Student Beans.

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