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And Just Like That Season 2 Reportedly Has Aidan Shaw

Warning: Spoilers for And Just Like That… ahead.

According to the report, Aidan will have a “substantial, multi-episode arc” in the Sex and the City sequel series. Take from this what you will.

Now, you might be thinking: “I’ve heard this nonsense before!” Yup, in April 2021, John told Page Six, “I’m going to do the show.”

However, if you have had the (dis)pleasure of watching the show, you know that this didn’t happen. The writers of the show lightly dragged John for his comments. I was probably somewhere staring at a wall, having an existential crisis. All very normal.

Either way, we do know that the last time we saw Aidan was in the second Sex and the City movie. He and Carrie snogged, but things were fine. I think? That movie is honestly a bygone fever dream to me at this point.

If Aidan does come back, I personally reckon the relationship will be given the Bennifer 2.0 treatment. Probably a lot of cute/cringe jokes about how things didn’t look like that two decades ago! Take what you will from this theory; I am a mere moron with internet connection.

Just no pear-shaped engagement rings, okay?

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