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ARMYs promise ‘wave two’ of celebrations

BTS Jungkooks birthday: ARMYs promise wave two of celebrations
BTS Jungkook’s birthday: ARMYs promise ‘wave two’ of celebrations

The second wave of celebrations for BTS Jungkook ‘s birthday this year is in full swing and fans are planning to go all out this year, yet again.

Aside from the exclusive magazine birthday feature, Jungkook is going to receive another grand gift, in the form of a “spectacular” light show at Viva Vision Light Show on Fremont Street, Las Vegas, according to ALLKPOP.

Jungkook’s surprise is being set up by his Chinese fanbase, and for those unversed, he is the only celebrity to have a light show on the largest video screen in the world, up till now.

The light show will begin on his birthday on September 1. It will be done hourly (24 times a day) alongside 24 column screens which will be illuminated for 8 hours from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

Check out glimpses of Viva Vision Light:

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