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Arshad Sharif was not tortured, nails taken for DNA test

Kenyan Forensic expert Doctor Ahmed Kalebi has dismissed the claims of torture over Journalist Arshad Sharif saying he was not shot from a close distance, ARY News reported. 

Dr Ahmed Kalebi said that the post-mortem report prepared by PIMS hospital is similar to the one prepared by Kenyan Doctors. Both the post-mortem reports have reached similar conclusions, he added.

Dr Ahmed added both reports showed that Arshad was shot in the head which damaged the left side of his brain. There is another bullet wound that penetrated from the back side.

The bullet entering from the back damaged his ribs, lungs and neck, he added.

Dr Ahmed added that there were no marks of torture on Arshad Sharif’s body. The bullets that hit Arshad on the head and from the back caused his death, he added.

He added that Arshad was shot with a firearm from medium range, and the fracture on his neck bones was caused by the bullet and not torture. The news about the torture of Arshad Sharif is baseless, he added.

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Arshad Sharif’s nails were taken for DNA tests in Kenya, he added. There was a 10-30 min gap between the time of the shooting and his death, he added.


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