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‘Barbie’ $23M+, ‘Oppenheimer’ $10M+ – Deadline

Wednesday isn’t a day like Tuesday where there’s cheap tickets up for sale, but that didn’t stop Warner Bros. Barbie from continuing its daily weekday $20M+ streak.

The Greta Gerwig directed feature grossed a $23M yesterday, -12% from Tuesday, sending its six-day running total to $237.1M. America’s no. 1 doll is definitely crossing $300M this weekend with an expected $70M+ second weekend. If she does so in less than ten days, Barbie will be the fastest female demo feature to cross the three century mark; currently Disney’s Beauty and the Beast holds that record at ten days.

While Barbie didn’t set any Wednesday records, who cares? The movie made over $20M yesterday! Among Warner Bros top Wednesdays, Barbie is fifth after Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($58.1M, July 15, 2009), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ($44.2M, July 11, 2007), The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies ($24.4M, Dec. 17, 2014) and Matrix Revolutions ($24.3M, Nov. 5, 2003).

Universal’s Oppenheimer took in $10.6M, -12% from Tuesday, for a running total of $117.8M. Through six days, Oppenheimer is running 69% ahead of Dunkirk at the same point in time. Dunkirk ended its domestic run at $188M.

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