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Bargain Temu Items for Movie Lovers!

It’s hard to go 24 hours without talking about or seeing an advert for Temu right now as this very popular e-commerce site is serving up bargains direct from China to your door with free shipping and unbelievable prices. I’ve searched through the website to bring you some bargain Temu items for movie lovers that you’re going to absolutely adore!

Temu Logo

There will be links within this article that are affiliate links. Temu have not asked me to post this article but I have signed up to their affiliate programme which allows me to offer discounts in exchange for commission on their website. Anyone can sign up and participate.

Temu is currently taking the world by storm as currently the number one free shopping app on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. 

The magic of Temu is that it sells anything you can imagine for much less than you usually would anywhere else. From clothing and accessories to electronics and outdoor furniture, it’s a giant marketplace that is forever offering discounts and free shipping.

Temu can offer prices at such ridiculously low value because the company allows buyers and sellers to connect directly, cutting out the added expenses. 

My advice to Temu buyers is to check the reviews of each individual item as some items can appear a little different than what is advertised on the website. A pair of headphones similar to Apple AirPods in a photo arrived very cheap and plastic and poor. I made a mistake by not checking the reviews but not to worry, simply request a refund and for most items they will refund you instantly (as Temu credit) or refund you to your original payment method (Usually takes a few days) and they let you keep the item!

Vue Cinema View

Yes, that’s correct! If your item or packaging is damaged or you simply got the wrong item in many cases of requesting a return they simply offer a refund instead and you can keep or recycle the item you don’t want.

That worried me as I can see a lot of people abusing that system but it must only apply to certain priced items that would cost more to send back than to Temu but there must be a limit on the system as to how many refunds you can claim.

Either way I got a refund immediately in Temu credit and Paypal refunded my other order (the wrong item was sent) and that is now back in my PayPal balance.

You won’t find any licensed stuff on Temu but you will find products that look similar to licensed products or have similar styles just as you would if you purchased something off Amazon or similar but sometimes you’ll find some real gems and if you’re a movie fan there’s plenty for you to browse.

So without further ado let’s dive into my recommend bargain Temu items for movie lovers!

Temu Projector



Introducing the YG300 LED Projector from Temu. Instantly seeing 5 star reviews I typed the model into YouTube and watched videos of this budget projector that Temu was selling for £29. It may be listed for £29 but certain discounts and promotions that Temu have on a regular basis can get this projector down to £18.

Temu also have a price adjustment guarantee where if you’ve purchased an item that is then discounted they will refund you the difference to your account which is incredible!

This projector is compact and portable and has multiple ports including USB, HD Multimedia Interface, AV and SD Card. It can connect to your smartphone or games console and in a fully dark room the picture is more than sufficient enough for a movie night.

Don’t get me wrong it won’t be glowing and sparkling HD vibrance but it does support 1080p resolution. It says the projection size goes up to 60 inches but this definitely compromises the picture quality for me but anything below 40 inches gives off a vintage VHS style to it and you certainly won’t be disappointed with the picture considering you could be paying less than £20 for it.

The built in speaker isn’t great so you can buy a wireless bluetooth speaker for £8-£10 off the website and boost your audio quality or simply hook it up to your current audio system and enjoy better sound quality.  




Currently for sale on Temu at £2.98 (at the time of writing) is this clapperboard that would make a great little movie display in your home or movie-themed party.

You can choose between a white clapper or a black clapper and it’ll come complete with the iconic clap noise so you shout ACTION! whenever you like as you direct your own little slice of Hollywood at home.

With 5-star ratings across the board there are many happy clapper customers (I just couldn’t help myself).

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine


Priced at £16.47 (at the time of writing) this popcorn machine doesn’t need any oil whatsoever. Let this air popper get your party started and for less than £20 you could have popcorn galore to enjoy when watching the next big flick in your home.

What I will say is that so far in my own personal experience the electronic goods haven’t been as good quality as I would have liked. Please make sure to check the purchase reviews when buying electronics so you get a better understanding of quality.

Many users upload photos and videos when they’ve ordered so you can get a good idea of exactly what you’re going to get when it arrives.

Movie Pillow Cases

Movie Themed Cushions


Theme up those sofa cushions with these movie themed pillow cases currently for sale at £1.79 per cover (at the time of writing).

It’s an absolute steal and the reviews showcase a good quality pillow case that adds that movie-themed vibrance to your home set-up.

Other Temu Items for Movie Lovers

There are other items on Temu that are perfect for a movie fan included well-made tin number plates from famous cars, Posters, canvas art displays, T-Shirts and various clothing items but many of these items have licensed characters on them.

Without me promoting them in anyway shape or form I’ll leave it to your discretion whether you choose to purchase these items or not but many comic cons etc are forever selling unlicensed merchandise so I’ll leave the power in your hands when it comes to making that decision.

All in all, Temu is an absolute treasure trove of movie themed goodies and if you’ve read this, one simple click on the the blue links above will take you into the world of Temu and it’s very easy to get lost in the world.

You can grab an absolute bargain, you can even play games to win free items with free shipping, the possibilities and cost-saving is endless!

GREAT SCOTT these Temu items for movie lovers really are mind-blowingly cheap! A whole projector set-up, popcorn AND comfy cushions for less than £50… sign me up! 

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