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Best LGBTQ+ Television Of 2022

Queer love will thrive no matter what, even in a capitalistic nightmare.

Severance, the Apple TV+ mystery about an office filled with workers who cannot remember (and are severed from) their outside lives, quickly became one of the best shows of the year for a myriad of reasons. A haunting tale of grief, human will, and the horrors of the office job, the show had a surprising queer romance burgeoning that just added to its brilliance.

If John Turturro and Christopher Walken being one of the year’s best couples was on your 2022 bingo then give yourself a stamp, otherwise you probably have heard a lot about Severance, which eagerly pulls anyone ready to dive down the office hallway horrors it has waiting in store.

Most shows are eager to throw everything at you, but Severance holds its breath, letting the tiny pieces of life in the show make for some of the year’s most compelling television.

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