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Betsy’s Stoke Review: Stoke’s No.1 Burger Joint

Stoke On Trent has a new number one burger joint as we bring you our very own Betsy’s review.

Betsy's Burger Counter

Standing out like a sore thumb in Hanley City Centre is Betsy’s with its American style diner theming and incredible online marketing that is really putting it on the map with locals and visitors alike.

Betsy’s brings you a whole range of burgers, dirty fries, milkshakes and unique sodas that all combine together for a taste experience like no other in the local area.

There aren’t many burger places that don’t sell Coca Cola, Fanta or Pepsi, oh no, all of those drinks have been cast aside for flavoursome (albeit some a little too sweet) sodas.

Their marketing perfectly outlines not only the great range of delicious food they have available but how friendly, warm and funny the staff are.

Betsy's Burger

Once you enter Betsy’s there’s friendly staff on hand to take your order and everything is made from scratch as you can see straight into the kitchen and see the chefs at work.

With the food being made from fresh there is a longer than usual wait time than your regular fast food outlet but trust me, it’s worth the wait for fresh and tasty food.

The only shop name of its kindy Betsy’s feels like a chain before it’s even opened another restaurant with its lovely decor, delivery service and overall feel the second you step inside as it feels caught between a takeaway and a sit-down menu burger restaurant.

Betsy's Burger Meal 

A Maxi meal priced at just £7.95 will get you a burger, side, fries, drink and a chocolate brownie which is great value for money. The Betsy Burger on its own costs £4.95 so it’s a no-brainer to upgrade and get all those delicious extras for just £3 more. 


The diner was busy during a midweek period (it wasn’t even lunch time) which was great to see and with so much to choose from on the menu (beef, fish, chicken and vegan options all available) you’ll be spoiled for choice just like one customer was who ordered his dinner and his tea at the same time when we were there.

Tasty food and a good atmosphere combine and whilst my strawberry soda was ridiculously sweet that’s my own fault for picking that one, I’ll make sure to get a less sweet one next time.

The burger was juicy and soft and Betsy’s special sauce was very tasty indeed as everything melted in your mouth and seeing the menu items come out with lava cheese on them was just drool-worthy. My cholesterol was doing jumping jacks just looking at it let alone tasting it! 

Betsy's Mac and Cheese Bites

Whilst it didn’t reach the heights of In N Out (the best burger I’ve ever had) it certainly overtook many UK chain restaurant offerings and having a burger cooked so fresh for you was refreshing to see.

I highly recommend a trip to Betsy’s and then another one, and another one. Exploring the vast menu will certainly keep you busy for a few weeks!

Stoke’s number one burger joint, no competition.

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