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Bishop Whitehead Offers $1 Million To Challenge Comedian D.L. Hughley To A Boxing Match

Bishop Lamor Whitehead was recently in the news after he was robbed by a group of men while preaching in church. Now, he is in the headlines again, offering a million dollars to challenge D.L. Hughley to a boxing match.

The Brooklyn native appeared on Instagram Live, claiming the two had an interview on The D.L. Hughley Radio Show. The Bishop expressed his frustrations with the interaction and had to share them on social media.

“Wait ’til y’all hear this interview,” Whitehead said.

I’m sitting there like, ‘Yo, bro. Brotha. Yo, I like you. I watch your movies. You know? And he was [screams] like a little girl! [scream] Like a little chihuahua!

Whitehead continued to say:

D.L. Little Man Hughley, I challenge you in a boxing ring.



He also stated he was “going to knock you out in the first round” and he wasn’t clout-chasing.

I’ll put up a million right now.

Reminding everyone he was a Bishop, he stated he’s “no punk.”

D.L. Responds To Bishop Whitehead

The comedian stepped into The Shade Room and responded to Bishop’s request.

He wrote in part:

What ‘Pastor’ you know can ‘PUT UP A MILLION DOLLARS RIGHT NOW”?? Reading from the book of scamalations #bewareofscamalations

Roomies, what y’all think?

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