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BLACKPINK ‘Pink Venom’ climbs to Billboard Global’s ‘Hot 100’: Details inside

BLACKPINK’s newly released single Pink Venom  seems to be touching new heights of popularity day after day.

On August 30, Pink Venom entered ‘Hot 100’ chart at No.22, with approximately 212.1 million streams and 36,000 sales worldwide through last week.

Not only that, Pink Venom set records on both Spotify and YouTube during its premiere week.

Recently, BLACKPINK attended the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards on August 29. At the awards show, the girls gave a memorable performance of their song ‘Pink Venom.’

The girl band also became the first K-pop female act ever to perform at the VMAs, and their history-making trend did not take any breaks.

In addition to this, BLACKPINK also won the award for ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ for their PUBG collaboration Ready For Love.

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