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‘Bloody Murray’ Renewed For Season Two By Israel’s Yes TV – Deadline

Israeli network Yes TV has greenlit a second season of Series Mania Award-winning comedy Bloody Murray, we can reveal.

Production will begin next year on Stav Idisis’ romcom, which is headlined by Naomi Levov (On the Spectrum) and Rotem Sela (Beauty and the Baker), who play two 35-year-old roommates looking for love.

The Gynaecologist and University Lecturer’s lives change when Murray (Levov) ditches the scene of a hit-and-run and the man she crashed into, Lior, shows up at her apartment – where he meets Dana (Sela) – and the two fall madly in love. Murray realizes her own feelings for Lior and chaos ensues as she convinces herself Lior is the one for her.

The show, which won the Best Comedy Award at Series Mania 2022, will launch in 2024. Director is Yogev Yefet, Kastina Communications and Yes TV are producers and Yes Studios handles distribution.

Last week, Deadline revealed Amazon Prime Video had struck a deal with Tel Aviv-based Yes Studios for Your Honor inspiration Kvodo and Just for Today to air in the U.S.

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