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Captain Jack’s Showbar Fantasy Island Review: A Themed Delight

The Skegness theme park has been hard at work since November with this refurbishment and in just over 4 months they have created something special! Here’s our Captain Jack’s Showbar Fantasy Island review.

Captain Jack's Showbar Fantasy Island

The Mellors Group who own Fantasy Island certainly don’t cut any corners when it comes to creating themed environments within their park. The pyramid at Fantasy Island is hands down the best themed and immersive theme park space in the entire country, the competition isn’t even close. It’s head and shoulders above the rest and this new 2023 addition just further solidifies that fact.

Captain Jacks is a bar and large entertainment space that will feature tribute performances, X Factor stars, wrestling matches and even the in-house entertainment team putting on a show for the whole family.

Captain Jack's Fantasy Island

The space will also feature game nights and bingo! 

During our visit, there was a wrestling show completely free of charge and free for anyone to attend. Just having something like this free of charge draws people to the park and as a result, gets those bar taps flowing!

Wrestling went down a treat as the entire venue was packed out and people were standing around the edges of the room just to get a glimpse of the ring!

Fantasy Island 2023 new bar

It was a very family-friendly show but I felt having the lighting fixtures so low down to the wrestlers themselves to be an issue, there were to be no high-octane moves or suplexes going on here that’s for sure!

With a pirate theme, Captain Jack’s is nothing short of beautiful. I’d go as far as saying it was more impressive than some pirate-themed spaces I’ve seen at Disneyland Paris.

The attention to detail was second to none and whilst it had the pirate theme it felt modern and fresh and completely immersive. Whoever does the theming for Fantasy Island absolutely need to be commended here not just for this bar but throughout the entire pyramid.

Captain Jack's Skegness

I love spaces where I feel completely immersed and detached from the world and Captain Jack’s Showbar has this in spaces. The only negative I had was that whilst some spaces of the ceiling were covered with a sail-like fabric it would be nice if the rest was covered up with something to fully complete that immersive feel.

I’m really grasping at straws for negatives here because the space is so wonderful but that’s the only thing my mind could conjure.

The bar serves a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks but this particular bar doesn’t sell hot drinks. If you’d like a hot drink you’ll have to pay a visit to the recently refurbished Castaway bar (located next door) for a cuppa.

Captain Jack's Skegness

With my cider in hand, I sat down and soaked up the atmosphere. You really need to spend time in the space to fully appreciate all the hidden details.

The toilet doors even have themed vinyl on them that camouflage into the theming. You wouldn’t even know they were there if it were not for the neon sign above the door. A superb way to disguise the toilets whilst still keeping the theming intact. 

Just one of two refurbished spaces at Fantasy Island in 2023 and what a space it is. Not only is the Pyramid the perfect escapism from the usually bleak and rainy British weather but there’s really no need for you to go outside anymore on those bad days, all of the magic and immersion are under one roof!

Captain Jack's Showbar Review

Well done to Mellors Group and the Fantasy Island team for getting this bar done in such a quick turnaround. This space is a testament to your work ethic and determination to not cut corners and get an attraction / themed space looking the absolute best it can be!

Captain Jack’s Showbar Fantasy Island is going to be absolutely rammed in the summer! 

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