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Carters Steam Fair Final Tour Review: A Fond Farewell

Carters Steam Fair announced that 2022 would be their last year of touring after 45 years as the company look towards a new chapter and a new buyer.

Carters Steam Fair Steam Yachts

The fair is looking for a permanent home for its historic rides and from 1977 when John and Anna Carter started the fair all the way until 2022 there have been some great memories along the way.

Preserving historical rides and keeping the heritage alive for thousands of guests to enjoy Carters spared no expense in restoring the rides to their original condition. Hand painting the signage and bringing these pieces of history to life for us all to enjoy in the present.

Carters have been looking to re-home the fair on a permanent site and are looking to sell the fair to another owner so they can look after all of the vintage contents.

Carters Steam Fair Stalls

We headed down to Lichfield for the last date at the Staffordshire venue as we experienced rides from the 1890s to the 1960s and what a beautiful and classic atmosphere this fair delivers.

Vintage steam trucks, steam-powered rides and beautifully designed signs catapulted Beacon Park in Lichfield back in time and what a beautiful time it was.

Seeing the steam engines being worked on and powering two rides was such a process to behold. It really was a wonderful thing to see and made me appreciate the hard work that the Carters team put into preserving this old-fashioned fun.

Carters Steam Fair Merry Go Round

From the Steam Yachts to the vintage Octopus ride I thoroughly enjoyed the old-school way of not only how the ride operates but just how insane the experience was.

Simply sitting on the back seat of a swinging ship ride and holding on without any harness as this thing shot backwards and forwards was absolutely exhilarating. So much so that I went on it twice!

At £3 a token Carters Steam Fair certainly won’t be the cheapest funfair you’ll ever attend but you’re preserving history and getting to experience rides you would not otherwise be able to if it wasn’t for them, so £3 in the grand scheme of things, felt justified. 

Carters Steam Fair Octopus

There was plenty of merchandise on offer from posters and teddies all the way up to sign-painting courses where you can learn some of the artistry that goes into the signage designs for the numerous attractions.

We managed to get ourselves onto most of the rides with only the Lightning Skid ride being a ride we weren’t able to get on. It’s not that we didn’t want to but my buddy Jim was feeling a bit sick and I didn’t fancy hanging around in a queue whilst he was lying on a bench somewhere feeling unwell. I’m a good friend.

Carters Steam Fair certainly brought the magic to Beacon Park on a beautifully sunny day. It was my first ever Carters Steam Fair experience and it sadly, most likely, will be my last.

Carters Steam Fair

I’m so glad I was able to experience it once in my life and it’ll be incredible to see these rides at a permanent location to be preserved and operated for many years to come.

For more information on future dates of this final tour and to shop all the Carters Steam Fair merchandise you like visit their official website HERE

Check out my Carters Steam Fair The Final Tour VLOG below:


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