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Check Out this Vice Press EVIL DEAD 2 VHS Release

Fed up of digital releases and DVD’s there’s one company that went back to the retro old school days, those simpler times where nothing quite beat having a solid copy of your favourite film in those clamshell boxes or cardboard slipcases. You absolutely have to check out these Vice Press Evil Dead 2 VHS releases.

Evil Dead 2 Poster

Introducing the EVIL DEAD II VHS, under licence from Studio Canal, and is available this Thursday exclusively from

Vice Press specialise in creating officially licensed, limited edition fine art movie posters featuring art produced exclusively for them by artists from across the world. 

On November 16th the company are releasing Vice Press Home Video which is a collaboration between Vice Press’ Matt Ferguson and James Henshaw, along with regular Vice Press collaborator and artist, Florey.

The first VHS title release as part of this new range is EVIL DEAD II and it looks stunning! 

Available in two editions; the Collector’s Edition comes in a clear clamshell with double sided cover, featuring art by Matt Ferguson and Florey on one side, and James Bousema on the reverse. 

Evil Dead 2 Poster Vice Press

The Collector’s Edition also comes with a set of 6 postcards featuring Evil Dead II movie posters, including Ferg x Florey and James Bousema’s releases for Vice Press, presented in a Collector’s Edition sleeve. The Blood Splatter Variant comes in a cardboard slip case cover featuring art by Matt Ferguson and Florey with screen printed “Blood Splatter” black VHS tape.

Packaging and label design on both editions was by Matt Ferguson and Florey.

Alongside the release, Vice Press will also be releasing the artwork from the VHS as fine art movie poster prints in their Editions range.

The Evil Dead 2 collector’s edition (see image below) is limited to 500 units and will be priced at £24.99.

Evil Dead II VHS

The blood splatter variant is limited to 250 versions and is priced at £24.99 also but it doesn’t come with the collectors cards as pictured above.

As far as visuals go the blood splatter version looks absolutely incredible and I know exactly where my money would go given the choice.

Evil Dead VHS

Vice Press are also releasing posters for the film in limited quantities with unique artwork on each.

This brand new VHS collection is a lovely wink and nod to the days of old but with updated artwork one could only dream of having custom VHS’s back then with art splattered all over them!

For more information on the brand new VHS range (I’m sure there’s many more titles lined up for this one) then head on over to

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