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Christmas Wonderland Lakeside Review: Festive Family Fun!

Christmas Wonderland Lakeside has finally arrived and thanks to Ed Hopkins PR we were invited to a very exclusive press night to enjoy the event when it’s lovely and quiet and bring you our thoughts on this festive event.

Lakeside Christmas Wonderland

With a whole host of celebrities walking around the place I certainly felt as though I’d snuck into the event vs feeling as though I deserved to be there. The smell of freshly cooked bratwurst filled the air and the atmosphere was friendly, festive and fun.

Consisting of numerous rides, stalls, an ice rink and a DJ set from Denise Van Outen the skyline was filled with lights, music and an absolutely huge sky wheel taking guests up to its highest point to see the incredible views.

Being scared of heights though however posed a problem for me as anything high up without a harness over me usually sends my body into panic mode. Queue the mini freak-out at the top of the wheel when it suddenly stopped and we had to stay up there for quite some time. 

Once my feet were firmly back on the ground we got to explore the wonderful rides at the event including a spinning mouse coaster, a carousel, a ghost train and even a booster that dominated the skyline next to the wheel. 

Ghost Train

A ghost train is certainly a unique choice for a Christmas event but being a huge fan of Ghost Trains and seeing this particular Ghost Train wasn’t one I’d experienced before I genuinely thought adding it was a great idea.

I’ve seen many ghost trains at Christmas events all over the country, nothing quite says Christmas like being scared to death on a ride.

The ghost train was very immersive and even included a trommel tunnel inside not to mention a nice little drop section which compared to many usual travelling ghost trains is a big improvement.

A Santa’s sleigh coaster certainly brought the event back to its festive roots as you sit behind two reindeer and whizz around the track. 

The rides had been chosen quite carefully to fit the space and it all worked wonderfully. Stalls lined the sides where you can win some great prizes and there was a lovely Apres Bar that was the centre point of the entire event right opposite the stage where the DJ set was taking place along with a live performance later in the evening.

In terms of food options, there were certainly more options for those with a sweet tooth but there were a couple of stalls available selling loaded fries and even vegan options but I was drawn towards the Bratwurst stand immediately and after sampling their Krakauer sausage (slightly smoked and spicy) my tastebuds were in festive wonderland. It was absolutely incredible and arguably the best hot dog I’ve ever had! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Sky Wheel Lakeside Christmas Wonderland


Boasting the largest ice rink outside of London, Christmas Wonderland at Lakeside has this vast ice rink where you can hop on and skate until your heart’s content. 

Whilst on the night I visited more people were lying or slipping on the floor than skating it’s still a great addition to have and it brings a very festive feel to proceedings.

Ice skating is priced from £8.50-£16 depending on what day you go so make sure you book in advance to get the best deals.

Entry to the event is absolutely free and you just pay per ride at the ticket booth entrance for every individual ride.

Thank you to Ed Hopkins PR for inviting us down to the Lakeside Christmas Wonderland event. The shopping area around the event is absolutely incredible too so there is an insane amount of things to do before and after attending the event, you’ll never get bored!

Check out our VLOG from the Christmas Wonderland event below:


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