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Chucky Popcorn Bucket Goes Down a Treat at HHN

To mark the first ever official Chucky maze at Halloween Horror Nights Universal have created a Chucky popcorn bucket that has gone down an absolute storm with visitors to the calendars highlight Halloween event.

Chucky Popcorn

Not only is Chucky a nice looking and unique popcorn bucket but it speaks and moves his head!

Simply activate Chucky and he will utter three different phrases including:

“Hey, wanna play?”

“I like to be hugged.”

and last but not least “Play Time is Over!”

Chucky Popcorn Bucket

When Chucky utters the last phrase his eyes glow bright red.

The Chucky popcorn bucket can be found throughout the resort and will be stocked in the newly-opened Horror Nights Tribute Store.

Whilst the Chucky popcorn buckets have gone down a treat the first ever Chucky maze itself has been met with some mixed reviews.

Chucky Ultimate Kill Count

Inspired by the hit USA & SYFY series and cult classic films, Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count puts Chucky as the star of his very own haunted house.

The maze starts out poorly with bad set decoration but it has all been done intentionally as Chucky has been given a guided tour of the maze and he doesn’t like what he sees.

Angry by how poor his maze looks he decides to possess every single Chucky doll set theming within and all havoc breaks loose.

Sadly for us the maze is disjointed and despite the purpose built poor set detail at the start it feels as though it was just a lazy attempt to cut corners and weave a story around it to explain the lack of effort.

When the sets did ramp up they really weren’t anything special making the whole maze feel like a step down compared to other mazes within this years HHN line up.

Chucky Kill Count fell short of expectations and out of all the brand new for 2023 IP themed mazes I’d argue that this is easily the worst one.

Brad Dourif is back voicing the killer doll but sadly even Brad’s incredible vocal delivery cannot save one of this years weakest mazes. A sad introduction for a horror icon but diehard fans will of course love it no matter what it looks like!

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