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Could You Be Sitting on a Super Mario Goldmine?

With the brand new Super Mario movie getting great fan acclaim (not so much from critics) we dive into some of the most valuable Mario titles to trade in. Could you be sitting on a Super Mario goldmine as we speak?

Super Mario Bros Movie

New research has revealed the most valuable Mario titles to trade in, in time with the Super Mario Bros Movie release.

The study by troubleshooting website analysed data from second-hand retailer CeX to see which retro Mario titles could be traded for the highest amount in cash.

Did you know that a Nintendo 64 title of Paper Mario could earn you £247 if you decided to trade it in?! The first game in the Paper Mario series was released internationally in 2001. A mint-condition version of the title is tough to get hold of nowadays, with a price point to prove it.

Also if you just so happen to have Mario Part 3 on the Nintendo 64 a mint version of the game could be traded in for £162 whilst an unboxed version could fetch £84.

Third place goes to the original version of Mario’s Tennis, released in 1995 on Nintendo’s short-lived Virtual Boy console. A mint condition version of the game can get you a solid £126 for trading in.

Mario’s Time Machine comes in fourth place on the list, specifically the version for the Super NES, with the game seeing releases on Windows, MS-DOS and the original NES. Trading the Super NES version in can get you £110 currently.

Rounding out the top five is Mario Is Missing, another Super NES title, which can be traded in for a modest £97. Released as an educational game, it saw releases on the Apple Macintosh, MS-DOS and NES alongside its Super NES release in 1993.

Super Mario Games

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for said:

Many of the games on this list have stood the test of time, and based on the valuations shown here there is still a good market for them. It will be interesting to watch how valuations change with the release of the new Super Mario Bros movie.

Additionally, the list shows how much the Mario universe has expanded, spanning genres and several generations of consoles, with the demand for retro titles in the series remaining high.

Do you think you have a hidden Super Mario gem in your collection? Could you be sitting on a Super Mario goldmine? It’s time to get up the loft and get digging as you could be sitting on quite a tidy sum indeed!

We STILL have yet to see the brand new Super Mario movie, have you guys seen it? If so, what did you think of it? Comment below!

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