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CTD releases sketch of Khyber mosque blast facilitator

PESHAWAR: The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) on Wednesday released sketches of the facilitator of suicide attack on a mosque in district Khyber, ARY News reported.

As per details, the CTD has announced a cash reward for the person who would provide information related to the facilitator identified as Abdullah alias Salman. The name of the informer would be kept secret, the CTD assured.

It said that the facilitator of the suicide attack was identified as Ansar alias Abuzar, who provided the suicide vest and a Russian-made Kalashnikov to the attacker.

On July 25, Additional Station House Officer (SHO) Adnan Afridi was martyred and other people sustained injuries in a powerful bomb blast at a mosque in the Ali Masjid area of Khyber district.

A powerful bomb blast occurred at a mosque in the Ali Masjid area in Jamrud – Khyber district in which a police officer – additional SHO Adnan Afridi was martyred and other people got injured.

In the FIR, the SHO nominated the name of Commander Ayub from the banned organization Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) along with several other terrorists allegedly involved in the incident.

According to the FIR, as soon as the additional SHO entered the mosque, the suicide bomber, hidden among the worshippers, detonated the explosive device.

According to the details, the FIR text stated that an intelligence report was received on July 23 about targeting a police mobile in the area. In response to the threat, Peshawar Police conducted a swift operation to apprehend the suspects.

In the aftermath of the incident, one terrorist was successfully apprehended by the police outside the mosque, and the weapon was also recovered from his possession.

Following the tragic suicide blast in the Ali Masjid Police Station, a case has been registered at the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Police Station.

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