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Daz Games Panic Review: A Unique Scarefest Attraction

A brand new addition at Alton Towers Scarefest as YouTuber Daz Games has brought a unique scare experience to the park this Halloween season as we bring you our Daz Games Panic review.

Daz Games Panic

YouTube star Daz Games has become hugely popular for his Daz Games YouTube channel, gaining a huge following of dedicated ‘Dazzlers’ with over eight million subscribers and over two billion views.

This new attraction has been introduced to the Alton Towers Scarefest season and whilst the maze itself wasn’t scary in the slightest there is a glimmer of hope for the technology being utilised in a scare experience but not a scare experience at Alton Towers.

Alton Towers has this air of regal quality to it with the castle providing the main focal point of the park yet this particular maze feels like something that Thorpe Park would be best suited for.

Thorpe usually put on more teenage / young adult friendly events and content but recently Thorpe has evolved in quality of events and mazes especially around Halloween and it feels like a backwards step for Towers based on aesthetics in what has been a very stale event for Alton Towers over the years.

Daz Games Panic

Whilst a scare maze with the help of a YouTuber seems like a great concept (I’d love to have a go if I was ever big enough on the platform) there’s a big difference between playing horror games and then manifesting them into a real life scare maze.

The concept is simple. Guests wear wristbands that are scanned and two symbols are revealed. You watch a pre-show and are let into a live scare maze to hunt the symbols. Complete tasks or simply scan you wristband when you find your symbol and escape. The quickest person to escape, wins.

Now with the randomisation of the symbols it’s very clear that some will have advantages over others with some symbols being easy to find and others being located at further corners of the building.

As scare actors roam around metal guard rails with smoke machines going the actors become irrelevant as you hunt down these symbols.

I wouldn’t say I was panicked but I was enjoying the thrill of the chase but after leaving the maze within 2 minutes I realised that I had paid £10 for the pleasure.


For me, the technology is really clever and this makes Daz Games Panic fun and unique from that standpoint but it seems as though all of the budget went on making the tech work correctly as I’m sure it’s quite complicated in its execution (or at least it comes across that way).

The pre-show drags on but aside from the tech which for me is a huge positive the interior of the maze is as cheap and as basic as it gets.

Zero effort has been made to turn that into anything other than what looks like a mini construction site on any given car park up and down the country.

Guard rail and nothing more.

That’s a shocker, it really is.

Daz Games Alton Towers

If the wristband idea was Daz’s idea then it’s a genius idea but the execution of the interior of the maze definitely feels like a Merlin of old project, lazy and half arsed.

I don’t think Daz Games Panic will return to Alton Towers but the tech should absolutely be utilised in another format.

That tech inside a Squid Game style maze or a better themed experience would be quite phenomenal as if you strip away the poor interior the concept is rather brilliant, it just needed to be executed by a company that cares more about its guests and doesn’t rip them off.

Charge £5 per person and enjoy yourself, but £10 is just a little too much on the steep side.

Hats off to Daz for getting this collaboration but if it’s coming back. Have a word with them next time mate! 

You’re better than guard rails and smoke effects. Get that epic tech into a better shell and we’re onto a winner.

Daz Games Panic review by Sean Evans

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