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Diddy Allegedly Ordered Cassie To Shave Her Head

A resurfaced interview clip shows Yung Joc alleging Diddy forced his ex-girlfriend Cassie to shave her head in 2009. The clip’s resurfacing arrives amid Cassie’s recently filed lawsuit against Diddy.

The singer alleges that Diddy sexually assaulted, trafficked, and raped her throughout their relationship between 2006-2019. During their relationship, Cassie was seventeen years Diddy’s junior and worked as a recording artist on Diddy’s Bad Boy label.

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The Recently Resurfaced Clip Of Yung Joc

Yung Joc spoke on Diddy and Cassie’s relationship in a 2022 interview with DJ Vlad. The 3-minute and 33-second clip was published on June 7, 2022.

During the sit down, the rapper explained how he and his ex-wife met the former couple in Miami, and the pairs embarked on a day of adventure of riding jet skis and club-going.

At the club, Joc recalled that Diddy noticed a woman with half her head shaved. Afterward, he made a solid demand to Cassie.

“He jumped off the bar — came over there and said to Cassie, ‘Yo Cassie, tomorrow… I want you to shave the side of your head,’ and I was like… wtf kind of request is that?” Joc recalled.

Joc then turned to Cassie and said, “You’re not about to do that, are you?”

She then allegedly replied.

“Well, I mean, whatever Sean wants, I’m going to do.”

Joc then asked the singer to send him a picture “whenever” she shaved her head.

“Then, within two or three days, she sent me a picture, and I was like,” Joc said, his eyes opening wide and mouth dropping in surprise. “She done shaved her motherf*****g head — and that s**t looks good.”

At the time, Cassie’s new look went on to be celebrated by outlets such as Glamour. It even spearheaded a new beauty trend that the publication would call “badass” and a look that would become her signature.

According to VIBE, in 2013, Cassie explained the decision to shave her head as “wanting to try something different.”

“I had long, big, curly hair for so many years, and I just wanted to try something different. I actually didn’t have the intentions of shaving so much hair, but when I went there, I wanted to go all the way and kind of land in punk,” Cassie explained to Forever 21, per VIBE. “The next day, I woke up, and I was like, ‘OMG, what did I do?!’ but slowly, over the next few weeks got more comfortable in it. Your hair doesn’t define you. Wear your hair how you feel.”

Yung Joc Reacts To His Resurfaced Statements

Yung Joc, who co-hosts the ‘Streetz Morning Takeover’ radio show in Atlanta, reacted to his resurfaced statements on Friday, November 17.

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“This whole thing with Diddy is going crazy right now. Cassie has made some huge allegations against Sean P. Diddy Combs… Now, there’s this clip that has resurfaced — it’s an old… interview of mine, and I was only speaking on Puff’s influence to hip hop.”

Joc explained that Cassie’s new look was the “start” of a new trend. Additionally, the rapper explained that he didn’t intend for “negative connotation” by sharing his original recollection of events.

“So don’t y’all try to use my video and make it seem like,” Joc was then cut off by another co-host.

Watch his full sentiments below.

A Brief Recollection Of Cassie’s Allegations Against Diddy & His Reported Response

As The Shade Room previously reported, Cassie filed the sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy, Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy Records, Epic Records, and Combs Enterprises in a federal Manhattan court on Thursday, November 16.

The suit alleges that Diddy “forced” Cassie into non-consensual sexual acts — some instances even involving third-party “male sex workers” — violent beatings, and drug use, which led to the singer being hidden from the public for days on end to recover from alleged injuries and even suffering memory loss.

Additionally, the suit alleges Diddy “exerted ownership” over Cassie, committing demoralizing acts in front of his staff and then using them to persuade her to return to the mogul after each instance. Diddy also allegedly showered the singer with gifts, paid for her living expenses, and held Cassie’s desire for a successful recording career as leverage to keep her present in their relationship.

Ultimately, the suit notes that Cassie had to attend an “inpatient treatment at a rehabilitation center” and now utilizes “intensive therapy and other medical care to recover from Mr. Combs’s abuse.”

Furthermore, an attorney for Diddy has denied the singer’s “offensive and outrageous” allegations as a “persistent demand” for money.

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