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Digbeth Halloween Scare Maze Review

Luna Springs presents Meltdown, the first indoor immersive horror experience in Digbeth. We bring you our Digbeth Halloween Scare Maze review.

Halloween Scare Maze Digbeth

Explore a pop-up scare attraction in Digbeth they said, it’ll be fun they said.

Pop-up scare attraction are four words that ring alarm bells with me, it usually means a cheap quick turnaround cash grab and you’re out of pocket and the pop-up are laughing all the way to the bank with a shoddy set-up.

Absolutely NOT here! 


So Luna Springs is a wonderful little entertainment space already but this Halloween the Meltdown pop-up scare maze has been added this scare season.

An indoor eating and drinking space safe from the rain with a little outdoor courtyard with a funfair ride inside it and next to the ride was the maze.

Themed around an abandoned nuclear facility in the heart of Birmingham’s industrial district Meltdown is an impressive pop-up indeed.

Digbeth Halloween

Meltdown feels like a maze that has been around for quite some time. Some of the set detailing and even water effects within it were something you’d expect to see at established scare attractions.

The attraction has set the bar high with their pop-up maze and that’s down to the incredible work of Genius Creations, the masterminds behind the decor and environment,

Crafting such immersive and intimate spaces with incredible detail and wonderful lighting Meltdown feels like a quality attraction but is it scary? For me, no.

The reason for this being that during most scenes you encounter actors who say a little speech, get the audience involved (a nice touch that you don’t see as often as you should) and then you’re on your way.

Some scenes dragged on a little too long and some scenes were inaudible with the sound of the music and funfair ride soundtrack from outside drowning out the actor dialogue.

Digbeath Halloween Scare Maze

There are some great effects within the maze, really great, stop and take it all in great but for me, the lack of scares was certainly an area of Meltdown that could be explored and improved upon in the future should they return.

It felt more like immersive theatre at times than a standard scare maze, I’d love to see more jump scares and concentration on getting those jumps as opposed to somewhat longwinded dialogue with not much happening in the way of scares.

Food at Halloween Scare Maze was great quality and whilst it says £14 on the poster we only paid £10 each on this particular night and got a free Pina Colada cocktail with our entry ticket!

Considering a Pina Colada in Birmingham is around the £6-8 mark I’d say we got incredible value for money with the scare maze on top.

Metldown Scare Maze Digbeth

A lovely atmosphere and a rather splendid maze that I still can’t quite believe is a pop-up temporary experience. 

Hats off to everyone involved! Especially the roaming actor who was interacting with everyone and making everyone laugh (us included).

An entire event that has changed my opinion on pop-ups. You can truly tell these guys care about delivering a good quality scare experience and for the price, it really is truly spectacular. 

Meltdown is an absolute must-do this Halloween season! 

Get your tickets today HERE

Check out my VLOG of the event below which includes some in-maze footage:


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