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Diggerland Review: Buckets of Fun

We were invited by Diggerland Yorkshire to come on down and bring you our very own Diggerland review.

Digger Hook A Duck

A theme park where people of all ages can drive heavy machinery, ride inside the scoop of a digger at dizzying speeds or soar 50 feet in the air to take in the views, Diggerland really is a quirky and quite unique destination.

With 20 different rides, you’d think a park full of diggers would be a short stay indeed but not at Diggerland.

Diggerland invites just about anyone to hop on board real JCBs and Komatsu evacuators. Play hook-a-duck with a digger, race around in JCB robots, jump into a vehicle for an off-road safari drive or even get to drive full-sized diggers around a dirt track.

My inner child was in its element as I drove a digger for the first time and took my seat inside a digger scoop before being swung around by an operator who was having way too much fun making us squirm.

With outdoor and indoor play areas Diggerland is fun no matter the weather. When it’s muddy after a nice rain storm picking up dirt with the big diggers or taking a safari ride around the park would be even more fun!

Diggerland Space

There’s a merchandise store packed full of hard hats and high-vis jackets along with all of the digger toys you could possibly dream of.

The park is aimed at children between 4 and 14 years of age but we went down without any kids and had a great time. All of the staff were lovely and friendly and despite the rides being quite repetitive to operate for the staff members, there was not a miserable face in sight.

Prices on the day were quite steep but if you book in advance you can save a few quid but online there is a booking fee which still brings adult tickets just shy of £30.

In the grand scheme of things, £30 is still quite steep for what is on offer at Diggerland but it’s a park that feels like it’s a visit once and then there will be quite some space between your next visit. There’s plenty to do for one day but I don’t feel like there are enough attractions there to really draw you back.


No matter how good Spindizzy was it wouldn’t justify a £30 (or less if booked in advance) entry fee.

All of the ride’s seats are incredibly comfy and getting your hands on these large pieces of kit is like a dream come true. These big boys’ toys draw you in and provide buckets of fun for all the family.

If I had to pick out one negative of the entire experience it would be the ‘safari’ but not for the experience, but for it being called a safari. Going off-roading is always a fun experience but we passed a few cut-outs of animals and that was about it. As far as a safari goes, it was terrible. As far as an off-roading experience goes it was quite fun.

Many of the rides in the park were short in terms of their cycles with a one-lap cycle being the main theme of the day. 

Rides which this didn’t apply to were rides such as Spindizzy which was a solid 4-minute cycle and the Skyshuttle left you 50 feet in the air for a good 3 minutes.


Other rides such as the Hook-A-Duck or even the digger skittles (using a mini wrecking ball to knock down skittles) were a case of staying on the digger until you had completed it. No time limit.

Queues on busy days (according to Diggerland) never get longer than 20 minutes per ride but in the glorious sunshine yesterday almost all of the rides were walk on.

I want to express a huge thanks to Diggerland for inviting us down to experience your wonderfully unique and quirky little theme park.

Visit the Diggerland website HERE for more information.

Check out our VLOG from the park below:


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