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Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus Review

It’s time to bring you my Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus review!

Avengers Campus

The brand new for 2022 Walt Disney Studios expansion is here and Avengers Campus is now officially open to the public.

Attending the public grand opening day (not the media day that happened a week ago) we instantly found ourselves in a very long queue indeed after being handed our opening day badge and documents.

Just to get into the brand new area involved a very long queue, a two-hour queue in the pouring rain to be exact. After a quick dash to get a poncho upon entering the land we were greeted with the usual high standard of Disney theming.

The whole area was built by Tony Stark (AKA Disney Imagineering) and the backstory of the land is that Tony Stark’s dad had a factory in Marne-la-Vallée when he was working with Shield. So Tony settled on an Avengers Campus in Europe and used the site of his dad’s old factory.

The whole area is completely different to what surrounds it but with clever use of tall buildings and trees you’re fully immersed in the space but I must say it’s a very small space.

Avengers Campus Personnel

You can walk around the whole area in five minutes as you pass two restaurants, shops and two rides.

Each building has its own wonderful design and at night time the whole area looks even more spectacular.

The Quinjet is a beautiful centrepiece of the land and can be seen from just about everywhere in the area and numerous characters roam around the land in numerous shows that take place throughout the day.

From Iron Man rolling past in a vehicle to dancing Wakanda soldiers and Guardians of the Galaxy character dance offs the whole area is vibrant with atmosphere.

Seeing Spider-Man doing a stunt show on the rooftops was certainly a highlight of the show experience but the crowd were absolutely lapping up everything the actors had to offer.

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Avengers Assemble Flight Force

The rethemed Rock N Roller Coaster has one of the most impressive-looking exterior show buildings I’ve ever seen.

Avengers Flight Force has one huge flaw for me though, the queue line, pre-show and beautiful animatronic Iron Man are better than the ride experience itself.

The ride experience feels as though its soul has been sucked out and replaced with, well, not much at all really.

A few lights, a glimpse of a character on a screen but mostly a pitch-black experience which was incredibly poor considering the absolutely mind-blowing queue line we’d just been waiting in.

Your mission is to save the earth and Avengers Campus from incoming Kree missiles but it would definitely be hard to do such a mission in complete darkness.

The ride vehicles are stunning and the padding on seats made for a very comfortable experience but the ride experience is just too dark, it’s such a poor effort and we even broke down during our first run-through.

Rock N Roller Coaster was a much more immersive and incredible experience and this feels like the entire budget went on the trains and queue line with absolutely nothing spent inside the ride building itself.

That launch will never get old and blew me away but after that was total darkness with very quick glimpses of imagery.

I was incredibly disappointed and we can only hope this ride is improved over time.

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure

WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure at Avengers Campus

(Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort)

Next was a new ride to Walt Disney Studios Park in Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure. 

Using nothing but your hands you shoot webs at spider-bots who are taking over. Help Spider-Man to defeat the rampant Spider Bots and rack up a high score.

Very similar to the Ninjago ride at LEGOLAND Windsor the show building was once again very impressive but the queues were insane.

When you step foot into the building the queue-line is literally two corners and you’re into the pre-show but with the long pre-show (featuring Tom Holland) and what felt like slow operations the queue times were insane.

Two hours of queuing later we were into the Pre-Show which was very enjoyable and then the dreaded 3D glasses were put on ready to enter the stunning ride vehicles.

The technology is ever so smart to record your exact hand movements and you can even purchase additional pieces of tech to improve your score from the shop including an Iron Man blaster.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the ride, it’s certainly more for children and family engagement but I didn’t get why they had 3D screens. Having normal screens would be much more immersive as over time the glasses get filthy and it ruins your viewing experience.

Is 3D even a thing anymore?

Training Center

Training Center

Come and meet your favourite superheroes at the Training Center but being two 30-year-olds coming to Disneyland Paris to check out the rides we skipped the insane queues to meet characters.

I do believe the meet-and-greets are done on a virtual queue system so this is good but crossed fingers you don’t miss your slot whilst waiting in one of the insanely large ride queues.


Stark Factory Interior

Pym’s Kitchen had to be booked in advance so we sadly didn’t get to experience this although the exterior of the building is beautiful.

We went straight into Stark’s Factory though if only to gaze in amazement at the huge Hulkbuster standing in the entryway.

People were flocking to take photos of this absolute beast, the queue to take a photo of the Hulkbuster was ten times the size of the queue to get food so we nipped in for a quick bit of pasta.

The portions are large but it’s certainly not cheap but with such great theming and the fact I’m at a theme park I usually turn a blind eye to cost.

Even Alton Towers back home rob people with their food prices and it wasn’t too crazy for the portions given.

There was also a diner at the far end of Avengers Campus but we didn’t go inside there to check it out.

Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus Overall

The Warriors of Wakanda: The Disciplines of the Dora Milaje

(Ty Popko/Disneyland Resort)

Avengers Campus is a beautiful area, a little bit too small for my liking but it looks great. The ride offering is okay, there really isn’t much to write home about with both rides having a much better queue-line and pre-show experience than the ride itself.

Nonetheless, it’s the start of a Walt Disney Studios expansion that is very welcome.

With a Frozen-themed land on the way not to mention the future Galaxy’s Edge project it really is looking like a bright future for the weaker of the two parks at Disneyland Paris.

Check out the full VLOG of our Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus experience below:


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