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DnD Lightricks Photoleap AI Experience Puts You Into the Movies!

Lightricks, the guys behind Facetune and Videoleap have joined with Paramount Studios to launch an innovative fan activation AI experience app ahead of the highly anticipated film release, Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Let’s take a look at the DnD Lightricks photoleap app.

Dungeons and Dragons

With Paramount having recently signed a new “first look” deal with the movie’s directors, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, as well confirming that a new DnD television series is being developed for the Paramount+ streaming platform, it’s clear that the movie studio giant is investing heavily in entertainment around the popular fantasy franchise – and there is plenty for fans to get excited about. 

A New Dimension to Fan Engagement

Using Lightricks’s Photoleap app, fans simply need to upload between 10 and 20 images of themselves, and the app will use AI-driven generative technology to create a realistic avatar that replicates iconic Dungeons and Dragons characters – all within a matter of seconds. 

These avatars can then be easily downloaded and shared on social media platforms, making for a perfect Instagram moment.

This innovative use of generative AI not only offers fans a personalized preview of the upcoming film’s aesthetics but also strengthens the bond between the audience and the franchise. 

With excitement building ahead of the film’s release on March 31, 2023, this campaign is set to make waves among fans and the industry alike.

Industry Trends: Leveraging AI for Immersive Experiences

The collaboration between Lightricks and Paramount Studios is a prime example of how the entertainment industry is increasingly utilizing AI technology to create immersive experiences for fans. By incorporating AI-driven personalization, companies can engage audiences in novel ways, fostering a deeper connection with their favorite franchises.

In fact, this is not the first time Lightricks has been involved in the world of Hollywood. Just a few months ago, the award-winning app developer introduced a fan-casting capability as part of their text-to-image rollout for their flagship product, Facetune. This fascinating feature allowed fans to easily create images and backgrounds from simple text descriptions, enabling them to bring their favorite movie scenes to life.

One movie blogger took advantage of this feature to showcase how several rumored successors to Daniel Craig’s James Bond might look in the role, generating widespread interest and discussion. From Tom Hardy to Idris Elba, fans could use the power of AI within the Facetune app to help make their case for why the next James Bond should be one actor or another.

Photoleap has also recently rolled out its new “AI Scenes” feature, which allows users to transform their photos into realistic landscapes by applying a variety of filters. Just check out these before and after images of a post-apocalyptic Manchester (UK) city center done in the post-apocalyptic style of The Last of Us.

The Future of Fan Activation: AI and Beyond

The Lightricks-Paramount collaboration for Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves demonstrates the potential of AI-driven fan activations to generate buzz and excitement

ahead of major film releases. But is this just the beginning? What else could AI technology bring to the table for film fans across the globe?

Well, the possibilities for AI-driven fan activations are truly endless, with the potential to create immersive experiences for fans that extend well beyond the traditional movie theater.

Utilizing AI technology, companies can craft tailored experiences that enable fans to forge

deeper connections with their favorite characters and franchises in novel and thrilling ways.

Envision a future where fans can partake in virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) experiences that immerse them directly into the action of their beloved films.

Assisted by AI, these experiences can be customized to cater to individual preferences, empowering fans to step into the roles of their favorite characters and live their adventures first-hand.

Furthermore, AI technology has the potential to allow fans to develop bespoke storylines for their preferred franchises, crafting unique narratives that align with their distinct interests and inclinations.

By incorporating AI-driven storytelling, companies could offer fans a truly unique and immersive experience, allowing them to explore and experience the world of their favorite films in unprecedented ways.

Put Yourself into the Action with the DnD Lightricks Photoleap App 


As the film is set to grace theaters on March 31, 2023,  fans have the unprecedented opportunity to immerse themselves in the Dungeons and Dragons universe before the movie even comes out.

The DnD Lightricks Photoleap app is accessible for both iPhone and Android users, so fans from all around the globe can join in and show their excitement for this upcoming blockbuster.

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