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Does Walgreens Do Cash Back? (2022 Updated)

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Are you in need of cash?

Maybe you have a Walgreens nearby and are thinking of stopping by to get some.

The main reason people consider getting cash back above going to an ATM is convenience.

Sometimes going to the bank or an ATM is too much of a bother.

Getting cash back on a debit card purchase can be a great solution to this problem.


Does Walgreens Do Cash Back?

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Yes, Walgreens does offer cash back.

As long as you spend at least $0.01 on a purchase, you can get cash back.

Walgreens has a limit of $20 per transaction when it comes to cash back.

This means that if you need a large amount of cash, Walgreens might not be the right place for you to get cash back.

You can get either $5, $10, or $20 per transaction.

You cannot get cash back at Walgreens using a credit card.

They only offer cash back for debit cards.


Does Walgreens Charge Fees For Cash Back?

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Walgreens does not charge fees for cash back! This is a big reason some people opt for cash back over using an ATM.

You can save on ATM fees even though you must purchase a small item at Walgreens to qualify for cash back.

As long as the cost of the item is less than the cost of the ATM fees, you save money.

It is even better if there is something that you were planning on buying in the first place.

If you know you are going to need cash down the road and go to Walgreens frequently, you can get cash back every time you make a purchase!


How Does The Process Of Cash Back Work?

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If you want to get cash back at Walgreens, the first thing you are going to have to do is find something to purchase.

We recommend finding something that costs a very small amount, ideally something that you need.

An example is purchasing a pack of gum, water bottle, or newspaper.

If you were already going in to make a purchase, get the item you were originally intending to purchase.

When you go up to the counter, request cash back before you pay.

If you wait until after you pay, you will have to make another purchase to get the cash back.

Tell them how much cash you want back.

When you pay, you will pay for the cash and the purchase at the same time.

For example, if you bought a $1 newspaper and got $20 in cash back, you will pay $21.

After you pay, the cashier will give you your cash along with your item.


Can You Get Cash Back Using Personal Checks?

Prepare writing a check


You can’t get cash back if you use a personal check to pay.

The reason for this is that personal checks can bounce, and Walgreens doesn’t want to take the risk of losing money!


Can You Get Cash Back With A Gift Card?

Hand holding gift card isolated over white


No, unfortunately, you cannot get cash back at Walgreens if you are paying for a gift card.

Stores sell gift cards to ensure that the money is spent at their store.

If you are getting cash back on a purchase with a gift card, this means the store isn’t selling extra products as a result of the gift card.

It is rare that any store will let you use a gift card for cash back.

It isn’t only Walgreens gift cards you can’t use for cash back.

This also applies to gift cards that you can use at any location, like American Express gift cards.


Can You Get Cash Back At The Pharmacy Counter?

Pharmacist and senior man buying drug at pharmacy


Yes, you can typically get cash back at the pharmacy counter.

However, if your insurance covers 100% of the cost of your purchase, you aren’t going to be able to get cash back.

Remember, you have to make a purchase of at least $0.01 in order to get cash back.


Can You Get Cash Back When Making Purchases With Your Walgreens Balance Reward Card?

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If you make a purchase with your balance rewards points, you cannot get cash back.

This comes back to the rule of having to spend at least $0.01 on a purchase in order to qualify for cash back.


Is It Better To Get Cash Back Or To Go To An ATM?

Businessman using card at an ATM


Whether cash back is the right option for you will really come down to a few factors.


1. Location

Where is your nearest ATM located?

If it is closer to your house than a Walgreens, it might be worth it.

If you have a truck that gets 15 miles to the gallon, and your closest Walgreens is 15 miles away, it will cost you two gallons worth of gas round-trip just to get the cash.

If your ATM is just five miles away, it might be better to pay the ATM fees and go to the closer spot.


2. Fees

ATM fees can add up, but not all ATMs are going to have fees!

For example, if you go to the ATM for your specific bank, it is completely free to withdraw money.

However, if you use an out-of-network ATM, there are typically fees.

Many private ATMs double up on fees: the ATM operator will charge you a fee and then your bank will charge you an additional fee for using an out-of-network ATM.


3. Amount

If you need to withdraw a lot of money at once, these fees might be worth paying.

However, if you only need to withdraw $20, you can often save by making a small purchase instead of paying ATM fees.


Can I Make Multiple Transactions?

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Typically, you can make multiple transactions if you are buying multiple items.

However, you are going to need to discuss this with the cashier before you start the checkout process.

How many transactions you are allowed is up to the discretion of the cashier.

If it is a very busy day and there are many people behind you in line, it might not be possible to do multiple transactions.

While many locations will allow two or three transactions for cash back, you are probably going to have to go elsewhere if you need more cash.

One of the reasons that Walgreens puts a limit on the amount of cash they will provide in a single transaction is that they need to have enough cash on hand to make change for other transactions.

Another reason that Walgreens limits the amount per transaction is to try and limit fraud.

Some debit cards allow pin-free transactions.

This means that someone could steal a card and use it to get cash.

You might raise suspicion if you are trying to withdraw a large amount of money through numerous transitions.

One way you can make an additional transaction without too much inconvenience to the cashier is to make a separate purchase at the pharmacy counter.


Can I Use My EBT Card to Get Cash Back At Walgreens?

EBT - acronym from wooden blocks with letters


If you have an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card, you cannot use it to get cash back at Walgreens.

If you qualify to receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) with your EBT card, you can use it at certain ATMs.

If you are making purchases with your EBT card but need to get cash back with your debit card, you can split your purchases into two transactions.

Make sure to include all the SNAP-eligible products in one of the transactions.

Pay for this transaction with your EBT card and then pay for the second transaction with your debit card.

You can then ask to get cash back on the transaction you are using your debit card to pay for.


What Other Places Can I Get Cash Back?

Man pumping gasoline fuel in car at gas station


Walgreens isn’t the only option for getting cash back.

You can also get it at most of these locations:

  • major grocery stores
  • gas stations
  • convenience stores
  • pharmacies

The majority of these locations will only provide cash back on debit cards.

However, some locations give cash back on certain credit cards, too.

Make sure to check the policy for your specific credit card to check if there are extra fees associated with cash back.

Here are some major stores that give cash back on debit card purchases:


1. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a cult-favorite grocery store for a reason.

If you go there often, you might as well get cash back!


2. 7-Eleven

If you are thirsty and need cash, consider going to 7-Eleven to satisfy all of your needs.

You could buy a 32-oz “Big Gulp” drink for less than $2 and get cash back with your purchase.


3. Chevron

When getting cash back at a gas station, it is important to remember that you are going to need to make a purchase along with it.

If you are just going to the gas station to fill up your car, consider paying inside for your gas.

This will prevent you from having to make an extra purchase in addition to your gas.

Remember to tell the cashier you want cash back before making your payment.


Is Cash Back Always Free?

Cash back concept.Female hands using mobile phone and holding credit card


Cash back is not always free.

Each store will determine its own cash-back policy.

Some grocery stores, for example, charge a small fee for cash back in addition to your purchases.

However, many grocery stores let you get cash back for even higher amounts.

Some stores let you get up to $300 in cash back.

This could be a better option for those who need higher amounts of cash.

If you know you like to keep cash on hand, consider picking up a little bit of cash every time you go to a location that lets you get cash back.

If you are someone who uses cash a lot, it can be much more convenient to get cash while running your errands rather than make trips to the bank or ATM.

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