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Don’t Look Away Horror Movie Gets September Release

It doesn’t move, it doesn’t think, it just kills… a tagline as crazily absurd as the synopsis as we introduce the Don’t Look Away horror movie.

Don't Look Away Horror Movie

After accidentally killing someone with her car, college student Frankie spots a mannequin standing in the middle of the street. She soon discovers that she is the recipient of a fatal curse and begins seeing the mannequin everywhere she goes.

Frankie’s friends don’t believe her seemingly paranoid ravings, until they too begin to see the mannequin and must band together to stay alive.

Horror thriller Don’t Look Away is set to be released in the UK from September 25th but I really hope the title of the movie describes my viewing experience because this film is about…. wait for it… a murderous mannequin.

I couldn’t keep a straight face watching the trailer and very clearly the filmmakers don’t want us to either despite the trailer looking and being shot with a stern professional and deadly serious tone.

The movie comes to us from award-winning writer/director Michael Bafaro (The Barber) and stars Kelly Bastard (that’s quite the surname), in her debut feature.

Frankie, a college student who accidentally unleashes a curse, and is stalked by a seemingly unstoppable – and murderous – mannequin.

Check out the official trailer that has been released for the movie below. Let’s see how long you can keep a straight face. It’s a challenge in itself, that’s a promise!


Crazily the trailer is actually shot really well with some lovely set-pieces, great editing and choppy sequences and some shocks yet the premise of the movie is just impossible to take seriously. 

Don’t Look Away promises that it will have you jumping at shadows for days after and the press release praises Kelly Bastard as outstanding in the lead role as a woman attempting to keep hold of her sanity, at the same time as unravelling the mystery of the murderous mannequin – a truly spooky character who could rightly take his place in the horror hall of fame.

Combining the stylish creeping tension of It Follows with the spine-tingling urban legend terror of Candyman, Don’t Look Away is a must-watch horror treat for fans of the likes of hit chillers Talk To Me, Smile and Megan. But don’t be a dummy – make sure you don’t watch it alone!

The poster also reminds me of a Ken doll that has gone rogue and hellbent on killing everyone in its path. A synopsis that makes perfect sense after the Barbie movie emasculated him and and the rest of the population. 

Now that’s a sequel I can well and truly get behind! 


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