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Doreen Calderon Joins Paramount+ Series – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Doreen Calderon (Loot, Riverdale) has joined the cast of Fatal Attraction, the upcoming Paramount+ series that reimagines the classic 1980s psychosexual thriller film.

Calderon will portray Maureen Walker, Dan’s (Joshua Jackson) longtime assistant who worked for his father before him. She knows how he thinks and keeps in perfect stride, but also has enough cred to tease her boss once in a while…

Written by Alexandra Cunningham from a story she co-wrote with Kevin J. Hynes, the Paramount Television Studios and Amblin Television series explores the timeless themes of marriage and infidelity through the lens of modern attitudes towards strong women, personality disorders, and coercive control.

Lizzy Caplan, Amanda Peet, Wanda De Jesus, Alyssa Jirrels, Toby Huss, Reno Wilson, and Brian Goodman also star.

Calderon’s most recent credits include appearances in Apple’s Loot, Fox’s Call Me Kat, the CW’s Riverdale, and NBC’s This Is Us. Upcoming new releases include Welcome to Chippendales for 20th Television and HBO Max’s White House Plumbers.

Film credits include Academy Award-nominee Please Hold and Art Camacho’s Final Payback. Upcoming new releases include Curse of the Clown Motel with Tobin Bell.

The Second City actress is repped by Aqua Talent Agency, Stewart Talent, Kontakto, and Coast to Coast Talent Group.

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