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Dr Squatch Reviews – A Bar By Bar RunDown

Considering you can’t go a few days without seeing an advert from these guys anymore I decided to cave in, purchase some bars and present you with this variety of Dr Squatch reviews. Ready? Let’s go.

Dr Squatch has no time for big-brand soaps with harsh chemical additives, they throw these away and have replaced it with a whole man-style range of natural soaps with a marketing campaign that appeals to any Squatch man.

At £7/£8 a bar you may think Dr Squatch is expensive and well, it is but the amount of soap you get certainly helps here as just one bar of Dr Squatch soap with daily usage has lasted me close to 3 months so when you think of it that way, it’s actually not as expensive as you may think.

The website forever has discount code offers to save you more money and it’s a small price to pay for a higher quality soap than your store-bought alternatives.

From unique scents to promotional soaps from Star Wars and even Halloween-themed bars Dr Squatch has just about everything you need and a whole variety of soaps to choose from.

Working through the list one by one this page will be updated with my personal thoughts of each bar purchased. This article is not sponsored by Dr Squatch but with all this money I’m spending on their man bars I’d hope someone sees this one day and compensates me handsomely.

One can dream.

So without further ado here are my Dr Squatch reviews on a bar-by-bar basis for you right here on Back to the Movies.

Wood Barrell Bourbon

Wood Barrell Bourbon

This medium grit bar fills the room with a scent of Wood Barrel Bourbon. With a blend of patchouli, clove and guaiac wood this bar has a nice scent but the second you apply it to your skin the scent doesn’t last very long.

What this bar does is leave your skin silky soft but as far as leaving a long-lasting smell you certainly won’t get it with this particular bar.

I’ve seen many reviews that say it leaves you smelling good all day long but scrub after scrub I just didn’t get this on my skin. After about 20 minutes of leaving the shower, the scent had gone completely although I had that lovely squeaky clean feeling on my face and body after using this one. I’d recommend it for that alone.

Pine Tar

Pine Tar

Made with real pine extract this is one strong soap!

I opened my delivery bag to an explosion of Pine Tar scent that was overpowering. This Pine Tar bar has a very manly strong and woody scent and is made from a whole array of natural ingredients including oatmeal, sand and activated charcoal.

This is one scent that stays on your skin for a long time, it lathers great and considering it has charcoal within it, it goes on your skin really nicely and doesn’t aggravate or feel rough when cleaning.

It’s a heavier grit soap but I don’t notice too much of a difference from that of the Medium Grit wood barrel bourbon, Pine Tar and Bourbon are two of the most popular soaps that Dr Squatch sell but out of the two I’d choose Pine Tar every single time. The scent duration just wipes the floor with the Bourbon and exfoliates even better. 

Stay tuned for more Dr Squatch reviews here on Back to the Movies

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