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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Review

Matthew Clewley got an early sneak preview of the latest big-screen Dragon Ball Z addition. Here is his Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Review.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Review

The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. Individuals who carry on its spirit have created the ultimate androids — Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. However, these two androids call themselves superheroes and start attacking Piccolo and Gohan.

The globally loved Dragonball franchise has been churning out some brilliant movies since the release of Battle Of Gods. 

Being a huge fan of the franchise I’ve managed to watch almost everything it has to offer. Yes, I even endured the horrific Dragonball GT by choice because of my habit of completing stories. For those of you who don’t know, but thanks to Akira Toriyama (creator) he has picked up where he left off and released Dragonball Super into the world wiping away GT from the canon. He might be very forgetful in remembering his characters, but he has created a world where most of the fans have grown up alongside Goku and the fans are forever grateful.


Super Hero takes place within Dragonball Super and it follows the Red Ribbon army who die hard fans will remember their introduction in the first Dragonball series. The deceased Dr Gero’s grandson, Dr Hedo, is a target for them to recruit due to his tremendous scientific abilities. After breaking out of prison, Hedo is greeted by Red Ribbon Army to join their cause by misleading Dr Hedo with false evil priorities by promising to fund his superhero project.

Hedo, like his Grandfather, built Androids, but these are to defend the Earth. Capsule Corporation are painted as bad guys who harbour aliens to take over the Earth. Whilst Goku and Vegeta are sparring on Beerus’ planet, Piccolo is greeted by Gamma 2, one of Hedo’s heroes he created, in a violent confrontation. After surviving and tricking Gamma 2 into thinking he killed him Piccolo follows Gamma 2 and sneaks into the Red Ribbon base. He finds out Hedo also created Gamma 1 and also something even bigger… Cell Max. As Goku and Vegeta aren’t responding to calls for help, Piccolo entrusts Gohan to make the impact to stop this potential threat.

I won’t mention any more as I am not keen on spoilers. 

Dragon Ball Z Movie 2022

The story itself is a very refreshing take on the villain scope in Dragonball and it’s very overdue to finally see Gohan and Piccolo team up once more against a global threat. Deep down we all have been frustrated with Gohan somewhat sitting on the sidelines despite his potential to surpass Goku. Super Hero offers a great insight into Gohan and acknowledges he is a character destined for more. Pan is a surprisingly very likeable character despite being 3, but that might be my GT flashbacks kicking in any doubt. The new characters are formally introduced and make an instant impact. I do feel Dr Hedo’s backstory could have had more of a focus to it as it did seem fairly rushed to introduce him. 

In terms of budgeting, this might be the biggest for such a powerhouse like Dragonball. Those who grew up on it were used to the same frames sped up, especially during Dragonball Z. The special effects have been jarring in the previous films since Battle Of Gods, but Super Hero has managed to get absolutely spot on this time. The fighting techniques are so brilliantly refreshing and the frames aren’t repeated showing a full martial arts masterclass with a few beams here and there. 

Dragon Ball Z 2022

I was sceptical about the new take on the animation, but it’s a good use of cel-shaded animation we know more commonly in the video games does the trick. It’s very clean and crisp and this isn’t an in-your-face feeling like a lot of cel-shaded is. It’s something that the other Dragonball films post Battle of Gods could have enhanced. I’m very happy that the budgeting is significantly improved which gives fans a visual experience rather than having our favourite characters duke it out once more. 

Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are a decent duo, but despite 1’s fight with Gohan we felt like he was a played-down version of 2. Both of them are very likeable as you will find out when you watch the movie. Cell Max feels like this was played safe and an old villain is being recycled again. It was forgivable with Frieza and I believe it is with Cell Max to an extent as the main difference was Cell Max was more about being an out-of-control Kajiu rather than seeking to be perfect. 

DragonBall Z Movie

The writing is very dedicated to including heartfelt references to the original Dragonball series. Dragonball fans will most definitely love this movie as its focus on Gohan is absolutely refreshing despite our love for Goku, but that’s its greatest limitation. Kids will enjoy the action for sure as this will pair up with the Fortnite crossover. To truly appreciate this film you need to be very knowledgeable of the canon and those who are expecting a casual viewing won’t find it easy to be engaged. 

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero review by Matthew Clewley 

Our Rating


Dragonball Super: Super Heroes is the long-needed upgrade we needed to push this franchise into blockbuster territory. It’s got enough firepower to blow the minds of those fans who have either grown up with this franchise or have binged the episodes religiously to get to the current point. Akira Toriyama still knows how to make his universe come together with nostalgia and freshness being balanced perfectly. 

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