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Edward VIII was ‘used by Nazis’ for their propaganda: New doc reveals

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson had developed sympathies with Nazis before World War 2 after the Duke of Windsor gave up his royal duties.

Channel 4’s documentary Edward VIII: Britain’s Traitor King has shed light on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s shocking links with Nazis including their trip to Germany and invitation by Adolf Hitler.

The documentary features an unheard recording from BBC archives in which Edward called for Britain to surrender to the Nazis in the run-up to the war.

The author A. N. Wilson, commenting on the Duke’s remarks, said: “The BBC were furious because they felt that the impartiality of the BBC would be infringed.

“They felt that the Nazis were using the Duke of Windsor for their propaganda, which they were of course.

“Nobody quite knew what was going to happen in May, but certainly by later in 1939, it was fairly obvious what was going to happen.”

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