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Elon Musk Offers Chinese Censors his Vision of Clean Energy, Space Launch & Brain Computer Links – Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

According to Breitbart, Elon Musk’s article was published in China Cyberspace, the magazine run the the repressive Chinese internet censorship and regulation agency.

Elon Musk’s article in China Cyberspace, exclusive digital version & translation

Yang Liu
Aug 14 1613

As previously announced by Pekingnology, this newsletter will offer you an exclusive digital version of Elon Musk’s essay in China Cyberspace, a monthly magazine run by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the central agency for internet control and regulation.

Musk’s piece was carried in the fourth issue of the magazine, published in July, under the column “Global Vision”.

Believing in technology for a better future

Thank you for the invitation from China Cyberspace magazine. I am pleased to share with my Chinese friends some of my thoughts on the vision of technology and humanity.

As technology accelerates, it may one day surpass human understanding and control. Some are optimistic and some are pessimistic. But I believe that as long as we are not complacent and always maintain a sense of urgency, the future of humanity will be bright, driven by the power of technology. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy: if humans want to make the future good, they should take action to make it good.

The world is on track for a sustainable energy transition, and humanity should continue to accelerate the process. The faster this transition is achieved, the less risk humanity poses to the environment and the more it will gain. When clean energy is available, carbon sequestration and desalination will be cheaper, climate change and water shortages will be solved, and when fossil fuels are out of the picture, the skies will be cleaner, the world will be quieter, the air will be fresher, and the future will be brighter.

Neuralink: Empowering the Disabled

Some of our Chinese friends may not be as familiar with Neuralink as with electric cars. These companies focus on developing computer-human brain fusion technologies, developing brain chips the size of coins, similar to wearable devices such as smartphones, except that they integrate more deeply with the user’s body—recording and stimulating brain activity through implants in the cerebral cortex.

pace exploration: the possibility of cross-planet habitats

Finally, my greatest hope is that humans create a self-sustaining city on Mars. Many people ask me why I want to explore outer space and turn humans into multi-planetary creatures. In the vast universe, human civilization is like a faint little candle, like a little shimmering light in the void. When the sun expands one day and the Earth is no longer habitable, we can fly to a new home in a spaceship. If humans can inhabit other planets, it means that they have passed one of the conditions of the great screening of the universe, then we will become interplanetary citizens, and human civilization will be able to continue.

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Elon Musk isn’t the first engineering genius to be on over friendly terms with a tyranny.

Gerald Bull was an engineering genius who revolutionised modern artillery. Artillery pieces designed by Bull defended Israel, South Africa and NATO, and proved very effective in regional conflicts.

But what Bull wanted more than anything was to revolutionise access to space – sound familiar Elon?

Bull had an idea for a space launch system he knew would work, based on his research into long range artillery.

The USA provided funding for a while, Project HARP, then the USA lost interest, even though Bull provided plentiful evidence he was on the right track.

In desperation, Gerald Bull turned to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the only person willing to put up money for further development. And thus was born Project Babylon, the notorious Iraqi Supergun.

Saddam of course cared nothing about cheap civilian access to space.

We’ll never know exactly what went wrong, but we know how Bull met his end, someone assassinated him outside his apartment in Brussels in 1990.

A lot of people have speculated Bull was killed by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. But there are other theories. The most colorful theory, advanced by author Frederick Forsyth in his fiction novel “The Fist of God“, is Bull was assassinated by Saddam Hussein’s agents, because Bull had finally figured out what Saddam wanted to do with Bull’s gun.

The point is, whatever Saddam wanted to do with the supergun had nothing to do with peace or the advancement of mankind. But Gerald Bull was blinded by his desire to help mankind, to make his breakthrough, and simply wasn’t careful enough about choosing his friends and partners.

Elon Musk, please consider the story of Gerald Bull, before you make your next move. I think you know in your heart what China would do with your mind link technology, and the other jewels you are dangling before them. And I think we know who the first victim would be, once the Chinese perfect their militarised version of your visions.

Update (EW): Scott Adams / Dilbert read my mind

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