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Elvis Review: A Glossy and Disjointed Affair

I want to express a huge thanks to Warner Brothers for sending me a home screening link to bring you this Elvis review.

Elvis Review

From his rise to fame to his unprecedented superstardom, rock ‘n’ roll icon Elvis Presley maintains a complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker, over the course of 20 years. Central to Presley’s journey and happiness is one of the most influential people in his life — Priscilla.

The second the credits rolled on Elvis I was a little unsure of what I’d just witnessed from director Baz Luhrmann’s creation.

Focusing on Elvis’s rise to stardom the film for me felt as though it had flown by at bullet pace with only a glossy showcase of Elvis’ story on display rather than a deep dive into the man himself.

Built around Colonel Thomas Parker who managed Elvis and who no doubt contributed to his eventual downfall the film focuses on the outstanding Tom Hanks who delivers an oscar worthy performance in this feature.

He’s so unlikeable, so squirmy and deceitful and you’re just praying for his downfall from start to finish. Elvis is portrayed as the pretty boy who just wants to provide for his family through unique talent whilst facing adversity along the way with those who tried to cancel him.

The puppeteer behind the tragedy Parker is portrayed as the main villain of the piece with a certain scene sticking in my mind where Elvis is lying on the floor with exhaustion. Parker says “The only thing that matters is that that man gets up on that stage tonight.” Close to death, Elvis is injected with a fluid and within minutes he’s up on stage performing once again.

It’s absolutely haunting to watch. The pacing of the film almost feels as though we’ve been taking the pills that Elvis has as some parts of the film become a lucid colourful dream of hip swings and fantasy. 


Whilst the film does have its moments, it’s a stunning Austin Butler performance that keeps me hooked.

I feel as though the entire feature glosses over anything of note and gives us the Wikipedia version of Elvis’ story but with some hip thrusts and catchy numbers along the way my attention is just hanging by a sequin-lined thread.

Glossing over his upbringing, his Hollywood era is barely focused on, his time in the military is fast forwarded and instead more focus is paid to his residency at the International Hotel in Las Vegas where Elvis would play for many years.

The film feels very disjointed with patches of the film so captivating quickly followed by a lull. It’s the hard work and grit that Austin Butler injects into his character that is pulling me in and holding my attention.

Austin’s performance reaches out through the screen and his performance energy is outstanding to witness. You’re absolutely convinced that he’s the man himself and for an actor who to many was unheard of before this movie was released he’s certainly hit the ground not only running but racing towards awards success.


The film is as energetic as it is sensual as this sex object works the stage and the audience. There are many political references in the film in addition to historical events that surrounded Elvis at the time of his success but they don’t distract away from this being a fun and interesting watch despite being a little light in places.

Our Rating


With so much energy in this movie, it’s exhausting to watch. One minute you’re racing at a bullet pace the next the film lulls and slows to a snail’s pace but an Austin Butler Oscar-worthy performance alongside a Tom Hanks powerhouse performance makes Elvis worth the watch.

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