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Fatima murder case investigation officer changed yet again

Ranipur Haveli murder case, investigation officer changed, Fatima murder case

KHAIRPUR: The authorities have changed the investigation officer of high profile murder of a child maid Fatima at Haveli of influential Pirs of Ranipur, ARY News reported on Sunday.

As per details, the investigation officer in the Ranipur Haveli murder case has been changed twice in one day.

DIG Sukkur Abdul Hameed Khoso said that a high-profiling case should be investigated by a senior officer a SP or DSP.

There is no room for any mistake in the investigation of such case and police will go to any extent to provide justice to Fatima’s family.

Hereby, the investigation of Ranipur Haveli murder case was given to SP Counter Terrorism Department (CTD).

Earlier today, the investigation officer of 10-year-old Fatima’s murder was changed on the instructions of the anti-terrorism court hearing the case.

The investigation of the murder case was taken from IO Bachal Qazi to DSP Safiullah Solangi.

The court had expressed its dissatisfaction over investigation being conducted by Inspector Bachal Qazi and ordered handing over of the probe to an officer of the DSP rank.

The former investigation officer even failed to get mobile PIN code of main accused Asad Shah during a month-long investigation.

Child maid Fatima was died in gruesome conditions in the Haveli of Asad Shah in August, and a video of her death went viral on social media.

Despite passage of more than four weeks, co-accused Hina Shah, who is the wife of main accused Asad Shah, has not been arrested.

Khairpur Police recently conducted raid in Defence Society of Karachi in search of two accused of the murder.

Police raided residence of the family of influential Pirs of Ranipur at Khayaban-e-Shamsher for arrest of two nominated accused in the crime, Hina Shah and Fayyaz Shah, at the residence of Niaz Shah, a brother of Fayyaz Shah.

However, no person was arrested in police raid. “Mobile phones of the accused have been turned off to avoid arrest,” police said.

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