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Floodwater from Balochistan enters Khairpur Nathan Shah

DADU: Leaving a trail of devastation behind, floodwater from Balochistan has entered in Khairpur Nathan Shah after causing breach in the Main Nara Valley (MNV) Drain, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

After overtopping the Indus Highway, the floodwater is heading towards Juhi and surrounding the town from all four sides. The citizens working day and night on the ring road to save the town.

An earlier report said that after breach in the MNV drain, the floodwater has entered in the Degree College, hospital and also ravaged around 100 houses in the New City Colony near the college in Juhi.

An increase in water in the MNV drain also posing threat to Dadu, the main town in the district. Chief Minister of Sindh is expected to visit Dadu today, to inspect flooding situation in the area.

A spokesperson of Pakistan Navy has said that 253 people have been rescued with boats from Gozo village of Dadu district. In the late night rescue operation, rescued persons were shifted via helicopters to safer place.

Four dead bodies among five persons drowned in Sehwan, have been retrieved, according the navy spokesman. Moreover, an evacuation operation has been underway at Meeran Maachhi and Raees Jamal Hassan Goth. Flood victims being provided medical facilities, ration items, food and other essential items, Pakistan Navy spokesman added.


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