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For the Love of Horror 2022 Review

A huge thanks to the organisers for getting into the event at the last minute to bring you this For the Love of Horror 2022 review.

For the Love of Horror 2022

With an incredible guest line-up and some great stalls to sho around For the Love of Horror is certainly a convention with a difference.

Events such as MCM prioritise stalls over guests (usually), Showmasters pack the guests to the rafters and have little in the way of stalls to shop around and For the Love of Horror and many of the ‘For the Love Of’ events are usually a mixed bag.

For the Love of Horror 2022 certainly prioritised guests over stalls this year but there’s certainly a lot to do and the atmosphere is key at an event like this.

Celebrate all things horror with guest panels, unique merchandise and even a Ghost Train outside and not to mention a Star Wars Catina bar upstairs to sit down, relax and soak up the convention atmosphere.

Bowlers Exhibition Centre had the legend that is Corey Taylor playing an exclusive gig on the Friday night to kick-start the weekend’s festivities. The tickets were cheap and with support from The Cherry Bombs, the gig was incredible.

Atmosphere is key at For the Love of Horror so when you walk into the event for the first time you’ll see a wide-open hall full of cosplayers and horror lovers and as you journey into the event it’s here that you will discover the stalls and goodies that lie within.

From set photo-ups to hot sauce stands and more there’s plenty to see and do across this two-day event.

For us, it’s always been a one-day event but many people attend both days if they’re cosplaying or just simply want to soak up that convention atmosphere. There’s plenty of incredible cosplayers walking around and their attention to costume detail is sublime.

For the Love of Horror 2022

I found the merchandise at this year’s event to be very samey samey with many stalls selling T-Shirts and Pop Figures. I was more drawn to the unique stands selling masks and oddities as T-Shirts and Pop Vinyls can be purchased online. The organisers really need to limit how many of these vendors are set up at the event as one particular area was jam-packed full of the same things over and over.

There were queues aplenty for getting autographs and photos with your favourite guest and the event felt like it was 90% queues and 10% vendors this time around but that’s absolutely fine. The calibre of guests at the event more than make up for the lack of shopping experience and like I mentioned previously, it was mostly T-Shirts and Pop Vinyls anyways.

It was great to see Dean of the Dead Hot Sauces display at the event, we’ve worked a few times with Dean and his incredible hot sauces absolutely wipe the floor with me every time.

If you love horror then this is the place to be but compared to previous events (one in 2018 comes to mind) the main hall felt a little empty. They used to have huge set builds displayed in the main hall but no doubt due to the gig the night before they couldn’t accommodate them into the space in such a short turnaround.

Thanks for having us For the Love of Horror and check out our little VLOG of the event below:


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