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Foreign Secretary briefs Senate about attack on envoy in Kabul

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary Asad Majeed briefed Senate standing committee about attack on Pakistani ambassador in Afghanistan, ARY News reported on Thursday.

“Fire opened at Pakistani ambassador, when he was strolling in open space of the embassy in Kabul,” foreign secretary informed a session of the Senate standing committee on foreign affairs. “Eight sniper shots and 100 rounds were fired at him but he remained unharmed,” Asad Majeed said.

“Two bullets hit a security guard of the embassy, who was shifted to Peshawar from Kabul,” foreign secretary told the Senate body.

“Afghan officials have said that a sniper shooter has been caught and being investigated,” Majeed said. “The Afghan government has assured that the culprits of the incident will not be spared”.

“Managing borders with Afghanistan is a difficult challenge. We want peace in Afghanistan, as tensions in the country have also impact over Pakistan,” he added.

“We speak for Afghanistan everywhere, but the country mostly opposes Pakistan” Chairman standing committee Senator Farooq Naik said. “India does not speak for Afghanistan only Pakistan back the country,” he further said.

“Pakistan stands besides Afghanistan against demand of the West but Afghanistan raises guns at Pakistan,” he said. “India is an enemy but don’t have more skirmishes with them on borders, while skirmishes with Afghanistan is a norm,” chairman of committee said.

Foreign Affairs committee’s chairman while expressing serious concern on an attack on the Pakistani envoy said. “It is necessary that Pakistan should review its policy on Afghanistan”.


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