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Full of Flair and Pizzazz

A fun time at the cinema is a rare occurrence nowadays and this delivers the fun in spades, we bring you our Bullet Train IMAX review.

Bullet Train IMAX Poster

Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is an unlucky assassin who’s determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs has gone off the rails. Fate, however, may have other plans as his latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe — all with connected yet conflicting objectives — on the world’s fastest train.

A train packed full of assassins all on separate missions orchestrated by Russian crime lord The White Death (Michael Shannon) as this wacky and quite frankly hilarious movie has been misunderstood by many.

Critics were mixed when Bullet Train hit the big screens with many unsure of what they had just witnessed.

No doubt bogged down by the absolute dross that has plagued the screens throughout the 2022 slate there have only been two other times this year that I’ve come out of the cinema beaming from ear to ear.

Top Gun Maverick and the absolutely wonderful The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent are the two movies to save cinema in 2022 for me.

The Bullet Train never takes itself seriously as these almost cartoon-style characters deliver the laughs, the charismatic charm and some gory fight sequences making it near impossible to get bored watching this cinematic romp.

It’s John Wick meets Deadpool comedy and I’m all for it. The movie is fast-paced and fun and whilst the plot is a little murky to get your head around you don’t really care as Brad Pitt puts on a goofy show for all to see.

Bullet Train Review

With some big celebrity cameos that just kind of drop in out of nowhere (a David Leitch special) you just can’t take your eyes off it.

The story comes full circle (eventually) and a simple job of grabbing a briefcase off of a bullet train becomes a not-so-straightforward endeavour. 

Encountering many a character onboard the train Pitt comes face to face with Cockney duo Tangerine (Brian Tyree Henry) and Lemon (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and not to mention The Prince (Joey King) who puts on quite the show.

We flash backwards and forwards between story arcs that it does become hard to keep track of but all encounters are fun and seeing Brad Pitt in this stoner-esque zen state of mind trying to be calm Vs him absolutely beating the s**t out the next person who wants him dead is quite the spectacle. 


Bullet Train is style over substance and I’m all for it, disengage your brain and enjoy the frantic free for all that deserves your attention.

An IMAX experience makes the extensive colour palette in this movie absolutely pop and from venomous snakes to following the adventures of a bottle of water, IMAX just draws you into the madness with that little bit of flair and pizzazz.

In a mostly mundane 2022 cinema release slate Bullet Train is the fun, frantic escapism we all need right now.

I never thought that as a 31-year-old guy I’d come out of a cinema having a much deeper respect for Thomas The Tank Engine. 

Our Rating


Maybe I shouldn’t give it a 5-Star rating because as far as plot goes it’s all over the place but rarely do I come out of a movie smiling nowadays and Bullet Train delivered the laughter and the action and certainly deserves to be appreciated.

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