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FX The Bear Review: Believe the Hype

Nick Clement brings us this FX The Bear review.

FX The Bear

The Bear tells the story of Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) as he leaves the fine-dining world where he’s a rising star, to come back home and run the family sandwich shop after his brother’s suicide.

Believe the hype – all eight episodes of Christopher Storer’s new FX/Hulu series are terrific – most especially the utterly bravura, 20-minute, single-take episode #7, and the emotionally draining finale.

This is stressful stuff, showing off chaotic kitchen life, and the ensemble of performers are all up to the busy and sweaty task, busting their asses and visually communicating the rigors of making food for strangers.

FX The Bear Review

The intimate plotting results in a storyline where you really feel like you get to know all of the characters, even if they’re in the background for a majority of the time; nobody gets lost and it feels like an honest family of real people you’re watching.

The hand-held camerawork is frenetic yet never confusing, providing an aesthetic vitality that is perfectly enmeshed with the fiery performances, near-constant vulgarity, and unexpected doses of humor.

Everything is anchored by a brilliant leading performance from Jeremy Allen White, who is thoroughly believable as a beleaguered chef who returns to the Chicago restaurant that his recently deceased brother used to run.


Ebon Moss-Bachrach is consistently hilarious, Ayo Edebiri is someone to look out for, and Lionel Boyce is simply wonderful.

I’ll spoil nothing else about this passionate gem, which seems destined to find a cult audience and nab a second season order any day now. Also – always Jon Bernthal POWER.

FX The Bear review by Nick Clement

Our Rating


It’s stressful to watch in the most immersive way leaving you gripped and wanting more. Beautiful handheld camera work throws you into the thick of the action and you’re fully invested in each and every character. Believe the hype The Bear is a must-watch!

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