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Germans Overwhelmingly Fed Up with Move to Green Energies as Massive Costs Loom – Watts Up With That?

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By P Gosselin

“Catastrophic report”: Whopping 88% of those surveyed see move to green energies as unachievable!

Green energies no longer have the support of Germans due to high costs and technical limitations. Image: P. Gosselin.

Most Germans used to be enthusiastic supporters of the country’s Energiewende (transition to renewable energies), especially in the early days when they were brazenly misled about the endeavor’s humungous costs and technical limitations.

Those days are gone.

“Catastrophic report”

As the government gears up to try to pass legislation that would force most homeowners to carry out extensive renovation to their homes and upgrades to their heating systems, the Energiewende is suddenly no longer looking like a bargain and is no longer welcome by the vast majority of Germans, according to a Forsa survey. The sun and wind don’t deliver energy for free after all.

Austrian alternative media AUF 1 reports via Telegram (emphasis added):

The current Forsa survey on the subject of the transition to green energies gives the German government a catastrophic report card. Almost 90 percent of Germans no longer believe in the so-called energy transition – a historically low figure. In a similar survey in 2011, almost 40 percent still hoped for its success. Among the few who are convinced is Chancellor Scholz. ‘We can and will succeed in the energy transition,’ he recently announced in Berlin.

German industry, on the other hand, is less confident, warning of a total exodus of the manufacturing sector due to the expected electricity shortage and enormous energy prices.”

AUF 1 reports here at its website that “only ten percent still believe that Germany’s energy needs can indeed be covered by sun and wind energy”.

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